Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You win some! You lose some!

I think I am going to lose the battle with my February agenda! 

One must be available to get things done!

The ever increasing list of errands is not corresponding to the shortened days in the month.

We are losing two art days this month due to field trips and away days.  February's colour is violet.  We could be sending purple hearts to valiant people.  I left supplies for 'homework'!

Interesting read for Josh's library.  A mystery that takes place in our own province and capital city.  I learned a thing or three and it actually takes place during the upcoming Festival du Voyageur where we can check out the ice sculptures after our fiddling concert.

As far as the house search goes I had seriously invested dream time in one we thought was the one! It sold while we were working things out with the Rooster's pencil. :/   All this looking sure takes time.  I'm dreaming about a new one whose basement isn't quite the spacious studio the one that got away had!  lol

I joined the style club and they are such encouraging ladies.  But that, too, takes time gathering outfits, photographing them to share and then commenting on the other ladies.  BUT, I am learning to embrace my aging body and learning all kinds of new tricks.  I'm learning to tell a story with what I wear.  And, darn it, I am 'getting it' why some people are so into fashion fun. ;^)  It won't be my first luv but hey, who doesn't want to look good. The Rooster found my selfies on my phone and now I have another 'advisor'!  LOL

Jesse has been with us almost five weeks now and I must say my card playing skills are improving.  Unfortunately I think our waistlines are increasing along with our scores.  :/  He has taken up jogging but I have declined.  I'll just run faster on my errand trail.

The sewing room is clean and I got hubby's coveralls mended.  I am still learning clothing styles sew I will soon be ready to  try tunics in various colours and styles.  Who knew light would be a colour option for me!!!

Unfortunately the art room has just become a repository for stuff.  I got new alphabet stamps in the mail from the Wunderlust people.  I so enjoy that class and I'm only behind by half a class, watching that is.  :}  But I think I buried my big journal. :/

And of course my hand work is undone.  I haven't even been able to re-hem my skirt or make a pom pom for the hat! 

Today I am off to have the car surfaced for our usual February get away!

But things even out and I expect quiet and boring will return soon.  If I win some and lose some in the end love conquers all.  Happy Valentine's Day!


Frances Arnold said...

It doesn't sound to me as if you are losing anything!!!

I love the outfit.....SOOO classy!!

Nita said...

Style club sounds interesting. And so does sewing a tunic! I bought The Tunic Bible whick looks really good, but I've yet to make one of the patterns.

Beth said...

Sounds like you are super busy this month. Violet may need a comeback date!! Like your outfit.

Createology said...

Miss elle you look marvelous! I love this new cream colored outfit on you with the long necklace. How fun to be finding yourself all new and gorgeous! Sorry about your lost home however another will come along. Enjoy your Grands and don't fret over what doesn't get done. Be safe on your errands and trip. <3

Jo Vandermey said...

I am convinced there is never enough time. Plans for me don't always work out as planned! I am trying to embrace that changes to plans are just opportunities and see the good in it. Makes it much easier on myself.

Your fashion club selfie looks great! Wow it is making me feel bad for the month of sweats I have been in. Comfy but not inspiring.

Enjoy the Journey!

UplayOnline said...

I bought The Tunic Bible whick looks really good, but I've yet to make one of the patterns.