Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Marching to the Challenges

Thank goodness for clean fresh calendar pages!  I am totally behind on most things.  :/

 The over forty and for me, sixty, style challenge completely stole my month.  It was like my first visit to Michael's Craft Store.  I wanted just about everything.  Looking at the gaps in my recently edited closet sent me off on the clothes hunt.  Gosh there is lots out there!  I got a bit side tracked but I am now back to basics and the 70% around home apparel.  February's challenge was clothing our unique body shapes.Who knew I was hiding good legs,  Well, except the Rooster!  ha!  
The March challenge is Spring and my thrift shop jacket is apparently on trend for colours and will work for the 15% errands and the 15% Dress up section.
It has been a real eye opener and ego let-downer to lay out a lovely ensemble on the bed, dress, and then confront the full length mirror, take a selfie and analyze!  What I saw on the bed and in my mind's eye is not what the camera reveals nor what, ' the people that you meet, when you're walking down the street...' see!  vbsigh   So it will be onwards and upwards from the low point of crying in the closet!  I think I want people to see 'light-hearted, relaxed and rural' as I approach.  Seriously I have learned a whole shopping bag full of useful tips and information.  Why don't they teach us this stuff in school?  You know, home ec???

I will now be marching in light as opposed to dark clothes!  I'll share my spring capsule next week which will highlight the Pantone colour pale dogwood!  I do have lots of 'greenery' and my closet is full of stripes which is also on trend!  :}

My game scores have improved with our young house guest.  My dear hubby has absolutely no luck in games and when asked if he 'really' wanted to play he said yes.  His goal is not to win but to be under 500 points in a low score wins game. lol  My challenge has been to keep my mind on what I'm doing as talking, dealing, sorting and gathering is a bit like rubbing ones tummy, patting ones head and ...  you know!

I did gather the brackets and hinges to complete the sewing room but we've been rather busy playing games!   The work party is scheduled for next weekend.  I had cut out a dark brown tunic and skirt but I have lost my enthusiasm since spring green would be better than brown bark.  I know, I know, scarves, etc.!    lol  heck, paint splatters can lighten just as well.   And then as I was looking to make brown fabric photo worthy I pulled fabric from my quilting stash.  Oh, MY!  I DO have options!!!

 I have managed to keep up with the grand kiddies and Art 101.  We finished art landscapes and are doing Architecture.  Cityscape's are all about lines and shapes with foreground, midground and background.  Their journal/planners are up to date but sadly mine are a mass of loose papers and not enough penciled data!  :[

 I am a regular follower of ...And Then We Set It On Fire... which is featuring Clara Nartey for March.  The challenge is to stitch for 31 days.  On our sewing machines.  I am IN!!!
 I had also signed up for a class on improvisational hand stitching for my evenings but I haven't got past gathering my supplies. My presence has been required at the gaming table.   I may have to carve some time out of the housecleaning slot!  8-}

  We had a lovely 'get away' which is always a time of rejuvenation.   While some of us were preparing for March, Eliana stylishly and exuberantly embraced the freshness of winter's wonderland. 

And I, myself,  will be drawing a big deep breath of fresh air and flinging myself into March's challenges.


Beth said...

Love that jacket and your poem expresses my spring wishes as well.

Createology said...

I think no one else matters when it comes to how YOU feel in your clothes. I really like how you are progressing in colors. I wear almost all blacks and greys. I do try to be brighter in Summer. However if I am not happy or comfortable I might as well be in bed with the covers pulled over my head! Enjoy March Dear...<3

UplayOnline said...

I wear almost all blacks and greys.