Friday, March 31, 2017

Pretty in Pink

Not a sign of a flower or anything pink outside on this spring day, but I am feeling pink!

The master bedroom was styled for showing and pink predominates.  The walls are a warm grey, BM Grey Owl.  If I have to paint another bedroom I'd chose Edgecomb but the difference is slight.  The pink is kinda peachy which is well, just peachy!  lol

I luv shelves and I have collected just about everything that is pink and has sentimental meaning in this not so public place.   The Roosters side of the room is a bit more masculine and has his stuff.  Mine, is well, kinda cluttered more than styled.  But it makes me almost blush as I sit and look around.  ;^)

The only other pink in the house is all my red transfer ware and my ruby glass.  Any houses we have looked at will accomodate just about all the furniture we have but this china cabinet is in jeopardy.  But I can't quite let it go.  awe, maybe I'll get a really, really big master bedroom!  :0

I have been playing catch-up with my planner/journals.  Lots has been happening and I'm thankful for my phone camera for keeping me up to date!  How convenient that I'm into a pink section!

The last post had me sharing a colour wheel by Janice Riggs at The Vivienne Files.  I thought I had my core colours nailed down but then she posted this capsule wardrobe inspired by Art!  It features Khaki and a bit more colour.  I like!
 But then she posted this one this morning.  YES!!!   I'd down play the denim and bump up the grey and khaki as my neutrals. With the light white/cream,  I'll use pink and green and add an aqua.  But this is definitely coming together for me.  

I don't intend to turn this into a fashion blog but as my story unfolds, I need to embrace who I am.  My face is actually quite red as I take selfies of myself and then actually share them. But it has helped me become comfortable in my own (pink) and aging skin. And my skin reveals that I've had a few bumps and bruises, a few crisises, a few kids and spent some time out in the sun!   I am not photogenic and avoid having my picture taken.  But here is the thing-  if I/you can forget about the camera lens and just let go of any intentions of looking a certain way and are just ourselves, (ie. HAPPY) and feeling good about ourselves, then we'll become more photogenic.  This is true!  Ask me how I know!!!  ;^)

We set rules for ourselves.  These rules are not necessarily bad but when they are never revised they become archaic laws.   My wardrobe rules needed revising and should better reflect who I am today. 

It has always surprised me the amount of pink I've collected in my fabric stash.  It has taken me a while to break the rule that 'mature women' who aren't the romantic, flowery type can DO pink!  Time for me to get rebellious!

The grand kiddies are coming today so I need to get some art stuff out.  I may include pink!  Every time I do Art 101 with the grand kiddies we begin by singing, "If you're happy and you know, clap your hands, if...  3X, then your ART is gonna show it! "   Absolutely true!

If I decorate my home to reflect the Rooster and me.  If I wear clothes that make me feel like ME. If I use the fabric I have subconsciously collected.   If I make art that makes me smile.  If I relax when someone takes my picture.  If I  am authentic.  Then I can concentrate on smelling the roses, which of course, will be pink!


Createology said...

Elle Dear I LOVE the new Pretty in Pink YOU! Every word you say is true...relax and be proud my sweet friend. Your pink bedroom is gorgeous and I adore your collections. I do hope you find a new home that can accommodate your beautiful hutch and contents that are so pretty. Beautiful Sunshine Day...<3

Frances Arnold said...

I am glad that you are embracing your Pink self!! I dont think you are EVER too old for pink!!

UplayOnline said...

Beautiful Sunshine Day...<3