Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travelling Faster!

Well, I was flying so fast I was gonna beat my DD#1 to the airport.  She was arriving on Wednesday and I was headed to the airport for Tuesday 7:00 am flight!   That means getting up WAY too early!

 oh well, how wrinkled can things get???  lol

Now I have a time for a better blog post.

I didn't actually wear the hat on mother's day but the challenge on 40+ style was hats!  I'm not sure it actually fits.  Now I see it, I think I'll pass it to Eliana or Jolina! 

DD and I are going shopping right after my plane lands.  We have been texting back and forth as to basic wardrobe choices.  We have a plan and a very BIG mall to cruise!

On the house hunting front...
I have hopes that the Rooster will have reached the end of the trail before I return!

In the meantime,  I am dreaming up a hobby room!   The blank squares are areas that don't really interest me like the kitchen!  lol

I had thought to get Nina dusted off and make a tote for the trip but she isn't happy I have been neglecting her.  It has been too long and I couldn't locate my manual to understand exactly what she wanted tweaked!   sew...   no tote!  Besides I am showing Nina the new playroom plans.  Maybe I can mollify her with packing up, reorganizing, and promises!  Here's hoping that I'm no longer flying ahead of the reality checks!!!


Beth said...

Busy, busy, busy!! I like the look of the hat but I think it s a bit too small. I's love to see you in one though with that great outfit.

Jo said...

I too love the outfit! But do agree the hat might not be the right fit. You have so many things on the go... Studies show that learning new things is good to keep our brains fired up! Have fun shopping, beefing with your daughter is the best fun!

Createology said...

Lovely dress and jacket and you look beautiful. I love hats and am actually going to wear one Sunday as I am going to Tea with a friend. It is my "Kentucky Derby" hat style. You are so organized with planning out your new hobby room. Nina will enjoy sewing with you again once you get settled in your new place. Special time with your daughter and make tons of memories as you shop til you drop. Safe Travels Dear...<3

UplayOnline said...

I's love to see you in one though with that great outfit.