Monday, June 26, 2017

Long time, no see...


Sometimes it just marches along and other times there is a big missed step and...

My phone crashed.  It is my main communication device.  It is my phone, my camera, and my Internet connection for all things in the cyber world.  Not necessarily a complicated fix, or so I thought.  I just went in to get a new phone at the old office; different brand as this was twice in less than a year. They are the 'new' office and can't help me.   Our provincial telecommunications network was bought out by a bigger national network and they had to pass some of the customers on to a third network. So I had to go to a bigger centre where the old office still functioned.  Guess who got caught in the crack???  :/  You wouldn't think removing a red flag from my old and first choice  network would be too hard.  It took 5-7 working days to put me back where I had never wanted to leave!  grrrr!  But I have a new phone and the learning curve seems manageable.   I think!

We found a perfect place to retire.  Lovely piece of land in a small town.  We found a plan for a modest home.  I got kinda excited and began planning my playroom!  Seems the 7 people on the title were not all aware of the sale and definitely not in agreement.  So while they squabble we have moved on.  vbsigh

The weather has actually been rather cold and miserable but the flowers seem to luv it.  Amazing blossoms this year.  The Rooster kept up with the grass but I think we'll be taking an hiatus from traveling the country to staying home this long weekend and weeding flower beds!

I had all my garments for the summer capsule ready to go and only posted one before the crash.  I was so behind.  Then I was busy catching up with all the gals and one comment got me thinking.  I have been learning LOTS with the challenges but not really identifying my own style.  So rather than catch up I'm going to finish the month with favourite OOTD, outfits of the day.  I'll start with ABC's- Approachable, Basic and a small c creative.  If home decor is a good base for identifying style I like a more neutral background and lots of vignettes.  So I'm thinking monochromatic clothes and make it personal and eye popping with contrasting accessories which  can show off my creativity.  I'm thinking sewing totes, and making jewelry.

The grand kiddies have been busy doing year end field trips so we haven't done too much art.   A visit to Lower Fort Garry was on the agenda.  All but one of our kids did volunteer work at the fort where they dressed in period costumes.  So the kiddies were right up to speed and interested.

They could chose an activity after the tour and they chose drill as a new North West Mounted Police recruit.  Hilarious!  I am waiting for DD's photos but these young kids hardly know their left from their right!  They had red jackets and wooden rifles and a stiff young Sergeant who kept yelling "chaos, chaos" !  Good thing this particular military stone fort never actually saw any battles!

The longest day of summer has slipped by.  Time to smell the roses while they are blooming.

I think I am also ready to get into formation. My playrooms haven't seen much of me. I know the drill but should settle down and quit fixating and fussing on where we'll be going and just march along however long it may take.  Right. Right. Right, Left, Right!


Frances Arnold said...

It's good to catch up again. So sorry that the property has fallen thru....keep looking!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Summer is such a good time to break with routine and go with the flow. It sometimes has a way of clarifying what we should do and what we really want to do.
Hope you find a good place to resettle for retirement. It brings it own challenges and changes.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's been far too long since I've been here. Too bad you can't find a place to build your retirement home. You have put so much into your current place, it won't be the same starting over. But I'm sure you will truly enjoy making something your very own.

I thought of you the other day when I saw the Fire blog won't be posting any longer. As a guest contributer whose work I followed, I'm sure you are disappointed, too.

Margaret said...

Sounds like you've had your own bits of "Chaos! Chaos!" with the land purchase collapsing and your phone doing so too...getting caught in the middle of a corporate merger -- aaargh! Still you bear it all with good humour...and I'm sure the sight and scents of your beautiful flower beds are a balm to your soul. Hugs!

UplayOnline said...

So sorry that the property has fallen thru....keep looking!!!