Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mixing it up

On the wall are 30's pinwheel blocks, leftovers from dd's bed quilt. They will work for a baby quilt for a 'back to the land' couple and their first baby.
More exciting is the shaped quiltie challenge. I took a class for making small quilties, cutting them up, shuffling and resewing. I wasn't too thrilled with the result. They looked exactly what they were. Resewn, shuffled blocks. I thought I could use one block as a base for the challenge and dug them out. Then I fiddled and voila! I had a background happening. Now I need a new shaped quiltie base. The colour wheel will help with the contrast colour.
But the mail brought my new book. There was a halt in the play process and I kinda skipped ahead to reading day! 8^)

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