Friday, June 26, 2009

A Mover and a Shaker

I have a short attention span so I do well with change. The first house we had was tiny, no plumbing, in fact no cabinets or closets. I changed rooms around regularly. This old farm house (circa 1930's) has 4 bedrooms upstairs and the kids would come home from school and wonder where they were sleeping this week. I luv vacuuming and it just makes sense that when you move stuff to clean, put it in a different place. Well, the years have rolled along and I don't have the 'jam' I used to have. lol So when I hit upon seasonal decorating, those who hadn't left home breathed a sigh of relief and nailed down their favorite things.
Now there is just my dearie and me. But it is time to go thru each room, painting and fixing as we go. I do desire some continuity to the house and the wood floors and woodwork help. Downstairs is the public area and I guess relaxed traditional would best describe it. Upstairs is our private area and I try for whimsical. Well, maybe more funky. I'm also wanting more intense colour. Down will be more harmonious because they all open off one another. Up, I want each quite different and found a fabric bundle that had a theme fabric and 4 colourways in it that will put me on the right track. Then I found a 'must have' funky rug for the hallway that helps fine tune those colour ways. So I have a plan for the colours.

My seasonal plan is Spring: simple, slightly modern; lots of white, glassware, some tulips
bare wood, few accessories
Summer: Victorian cottagey; pinks, yellows, blues, lots tea things and
ornaments, battenburg lace, baskets, flowers, bunnies
Fall: Folk art; leaves, grasses, plaids, chickens, golds/purple,
wooden boxes, not too cluttered
Winter: Traditional; candles, burgundies, pillows, tablecloths, back to
more clutter as window sills fill up with vignettes

In the basement I have 3 metal bookcases from a gov't auction sale. I store my accessories there and just rotate stuff around. It is good exercise and it keeps the dust bunnies on the move. My memory isn't so good so stuff never quite makes it back to the same place and there is always editing going on because the bookcases only hold so much auction sale finds.

The summer season is now upon us but our dd's family just bought their first house so until they are all settled I'll be a bit behind. I will add a photo to give a flavor of how we live. I've reversed the living room and dining room as we eat more than we relax. The front room is off the central entrance hall and looks into the east facing verandah.

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