Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My definition of passion would have included some sort of discription of steamy car windows. 8^) But the movie, The Passion of Christ, kinda challenged that. So I have spent considerable time pondering the word passion. One definition explains it is to feel something in such a way that it affects your life. Hmmm???
I've now learned that my dear hubby is a passionate man. I used to wonder why he got so mad sometimes when he talked about certain things. But he was just trying to express what he felt so strongly about and other people weren't 'getting'. He hates, with a passion, social injustice.

So I began to see, that while it can involve relationships, it is also about principles, concepts, ideas.
I can be described as excitable, exuberant, maybe energetic; but I hadn't ever considered: Elle the Passionate.
But since I've been meditating on this, I've come to realize I am passionate. I'm passionate about creativity. EVERYBODY is creative.

My daughter took an art credit in high school. Looking at her course and watching her progress was an eye opener. You can learn art. She has a book, Teaching Children to Draw. I tried it! It is true. Colour drew me into quilting. (Gee, maybe I'm passionate about colour!) My quilting progressed from simple blocks, patterns, 'follow the classroom rules', and peer pressure to conform to 'there's got to be more'. There is a stirring to break out of the mold. That is the birth of creativity and one can gaze wistfully into the what if... or one can get some instruction and do it. Actually, colour is a good example. I liked it. I wanted more, so I bought a colour wheel, studied up about harmonies, opposites, triads, etc. and that tool has helped in my creative growth. And there are 'what if's...' inside me. If I can get more understanding then that creativity can be expressed.
But passion can be frustrating as well. Trying to convey the powerful force that you feel and how it affects your life (and could affect theirs) is hard to articulate.
I am absolutely convinced, I am passionately believing, that anyone can be creative, even elle in da coop!

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Cheryl Arkison said...

There is no doubt that you are passionate and creative. I've known that since the moment I met you.