Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All means A L L

I've been kidding myself that I've been making great strides! I've just been skipping on the top layers. I've done some teaching and I've saved everything. It is neatly put away in binders, file cabinets, and pretty baskets. But a lot is so out dated. I think the sheer tonnage is what scares me. We are talking from the mid eighties. Thrifty is NOT my nature! It is a puzzle to me why I hoarded fabrics, magazine articles, rolls and rolls of photographs, and quilt show programs! The 'oh, dear I have a problem' showed up when I saved 1 inch triangles. I have 3 metre chunks of fabric stacked up, why....
Decision Time!
This is a promise! No more lamenting. Shovel it! I've edited some stuff. Now to square up the shoulders, bite the lower lip and push off! Make up the 'to finish ' list for January 2011 and then do the final shove!
If I can keep the wet stuff out of the playroom I think I have a set up that works pretty well.
I have 3 sewing machines. I have a 1260 Bernina that has been acting like a Christmas tree . Needs a new mother board apparently. I luv it. I miss it. It machine quilts well, just no room in the throat space. I need to fix it. I have a 1630 Bernina that was going to be my creative machine. It sews in 360 degrees with a 9 mm satin stitch. I haven't used it as it is meant to be used. I have a little old Bernina Minimatic I drag to workshops. Tired but pieces wonderfully. I covet a big quilting machine like the sit down HQ 16. Hello reality??? I'm going to sell the 1630, fix the 1260, and buy a Juki which is available in my price range and I can get in our big city.
Okay, that feels like a good start. Now where is the shovel....

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Twisted Quilts said...

I did not teach quilting but I taught for a long time and I kept a lot of stuff for a long time. When I left I left all the things that I had gathered to the younger teachers. I passed it on. They could teach the entire course using what was in my binders. It was so liberating to give it all up. Trust me