Tuesday, May 4, 2010

But is it ART?

I'm not in a place where I get much feed back on my fibre art. So I've appreciated the few on line challenges I've participated in over at 3 Creative Studios. I'm also happy to be part of Naptime Quilter's Workshop In Progress. I'm thankful for any comments as I learn about what I'm attempting. I've also decided that it is all about making happy noises as you create things to please yourself or the recipient of the fibre art. More importantly I'm going to be able to look people in the eye when I do the 'white glove thing' at the quilt show and say, "Yes, I create art, thank you for your interest." My blog is about growth; recording what I do with my time but also pushing the fence lines all around my coop motivates me to do it, finish it and claim it as my art.

So I'm working on a few WIP's for the local quilt show. Wind and Water won't be ready but I did practice the 3-D leaves in the FQ challenge. I used the theme fabric for leaves as that's what came to me. So I made a cheerful wall hanging for the grandkid's jungle themed bedroom.

I'm thinking I may make the flowers bigger. But then it just may be the camera's perspective as they seem okay when I went to have another look so I may consider this as finished.

I've been exploring the elements of design during our Common Threads Art Quilt nights and the page sized challenge for tactile texture was pleated fabric that was dribbled with bleach, cut open and washed. Major schmultz! I've brushed it and finally took the scissors to it. If I don't quit I won't have anything left. 8^) I found 3 big buttons that I am liking. It possibly is enough but the L-shaped line that the key makes is intriguing, but it might be too small.

The last session had a gal show us beading. So for the page x page challenge I did a loose stipple on some silk fabric. I seem to have settled on neutrals for all these challenges as I wanted to eliminate the distraction of colour but this still seemed like shallow water to me so I clustered areas of 'gravel'. It looks kinda piddly to me and I'm thinking they need stretching out somehow.

I've decided no binding for my bargello wall hanging. I stitched in the ditch for all the upright sections. I was going to do some angled meanders but it isn't seeming to be necessary. ??? So I could add a facing and turn it to the back where I'll hand stitch it down and call it done.

Now would you agree that it is done or should I add beads to the river and swirls to the scenery???

There seems to be no end to creative options! 8~}


Vicki W said...

It looks to me like you are exploring lots of fun things! I really like the bargello and I don't see any reason why you can face it instead of binding it.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I love the way you push yourself like this Elle.
On the beaded piece, for me it is the fact that the beading is also where the quilting is the heaviest that doesn't work. It seems to lack balance.
And the bargello! Don't change a thing!

Lesly said...

I think the bargello is finished. There is so much to look at as it is, and I can't see how it could be improved upon - it's fantastic!

Janet said...

I love the bargello! You could add beads or other embellishment - I don't think it would detract, but you could also call it done with a binding. It's amazing to me what a difference a binding makes in how I feel about a quilt. I agree with Cheryl's comment on your beaded work.

Unknown said...

wowowow ele, look how busy you've been? I've been locked in my own little world, this week- don't ask, it's ugly lol- and have only today gotten out and about to my favorite blogs.

Looka your Fringe piece! I love it... do you? Is the schmutz driving you bonkers? ;)

God, I really love the bargello piece (but you already knew that).

I haven't gotten to the mailbox yet, but I have fun books for you all packaged in my kitchen and waiting to go. I'll send you the tracking number when I have one. :D

KatieQ said...

Your bargello wall hanging is amazing. I love the way the depth of color draws the eye toward it.

dillpickle said...

I love the bargello, and I think it's magnificent as is. Any additional augmentation might detract from it's fabulousness?!?