Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yellow is the colour of...

Daffy's and the less desirable dandelions.

It is also the colour of bad lighting.

The 8th Block of the Month is really nice. It has a nice shadow effect. I fussy cut my two theme fabrics and that took a while. Then I stood back and said, where is my shadow? hmmm. Not the right values so I took away the lighter yellow fabric and replaced it with a medium green. I should have took a picture of the 'not so good'. Sorry. I also finished the block late last night and the photo was ugly with the yellow light. So before I head off to tackle our reforestation project I wanted to post these great colours. There are some really great examples of this block over on 3CS that were more successful with this block. I also learned to press seams open and it worked wonderfully.

The sunshine room will post at coffee break!


KatieQ said...

I'm really liking this combo. The center fabric is gorgeous. Great block!

Twisted Quilts said...

Great block!