Monday, May 17, 2010

It's not right

I've been working on the sunshine room today. That bookcase was not as easy as my playroom one. 8>( And I can NOT get the top to stay attached so I'm waiting for 'he who knows'! The fit is perfect though.

I got all my oranges washed and ironed up. I hope there is enough variety and enough period.

I made the valence. I cut some of the width off as I thought it shouldn't be too ruffly. That may have been a mistake. But it still doesn't look like I have the proportions right. I need to sleep on it I think.

Then the camera wasn't making my pictures light enough. I got out the manual. Now they are not right as well. Need to read the manual before I go to sleep! lol

Last evening for the Common Threads Quilt Group. We need to talk about next year's hopes and dreams. That'll be better to sleep on!


Createology said...

Definitely sunny and cheery. I like the valance as it is not too frilly. Happy decorating...

Twisted Quilts said...

I like the yellow. I like a straight valence. I made one once for my daughter and used a real stiff interfacing. It looked like a cornice but was a valence, turned out great.

Unknown said...

Such beautiful photos in this post and the previous one, Ele!

Just got back from a weekend 'o fun, will write to you soon and tell you all about it. :D