Monday, January 2, 2012

In the beginning...

First there was a void and then the light bulb came on!  Aha, "now I see",  says the blind man.

So a first thing to do is clean the clutter and open things up and let the sun shine in.

Next is to grab the new calendar and start getting things into manageable bites.   1 year, 52 weeks, 12 months, 4 seasons.  Ooooh,  that is almost 12 weeks per season. I knew 12 was a good idea!

It is fitting that we start with the land at rest.  Winter's first day was on Dec. 22  but I have a few extra weeks left over from  my guzinta's. That is,  4 will guzinta 52  twelve times and some.  
It is a low light time and I'm hoping the January starting gun gives the slower body rhythm a jump start.  This is no time to burrow under the hibernation quilts.

The winter decor is at its most traditional and most cluttered with cozy quilts within reach, books stacked and leaning crazily, candles dripping and hot cups within arms reach.  I luv the richness of the colours and textures that winter evokes.  Plush velvets,  deep cranberry, shiny gold (brass) and sparkling crystal.  I found 3 small runners ready for MQing.  To tweak the decor I added some clear snow flakes and clear drops.

Decorating is not the focus for this season but I did get the Rooster to put together an off white (winter white?) wardrobe for the bathroom.  It was on sale at Canadian Tire and I'm really liking what I got for the price.  I do collect white dishes- pitchers, soup tureen's, bowls, STUFF!  ;^)  This winter white wardrobe is making me think ahead to the kitchen and what colour the inside of the thrift shop hutch top should be since the cupboards will likely be a creamy mellow yellow.  I do need time to consider things because I'm getting kinda tired of redoing things.  :0

I will not be talking about food but in order to be moving instead of musing I need to eat better.  And drink more water which means less coffee.  vbsigh  But that'll translate into more productivity.

The spotlight for the next 12 weeks will be Threads.  I will also be using Nina's manual a lot and wouldn't you know it I see all kinds of opportunities to join all sorts of things to enhance my Focus. Who knew?  They all would help but I'm afraid I'd sink under all the deadlines, fun would flee and I'd not have fine tuned my skills.  Sew...

My main book will be Threads- The Basic and Beyond by Debbie Bates and Liz Kettle who have a site where you can join others to work through the book. That would be a resource if I had a question but I must remember not to type or cruise sites but stitch and stay focused.   I've somewhat divided up the table of contents.  Depending on time and expertise, I may add some of the books that I have that relate to the various sections.  Intro tomorrow and some seriously fun fiber optics!

I'm starting to see the light!


Createology said...

Good parsing of your time and projects. I am struggling not to commit myself to far too many swaps, sew alongs or anything else I do not need to do. I will plot my projects and if and when each is completed then and only then shall I wander. Hmmm...if only I really followed what I just said. :o) Happy Hugs Dear...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Great! Stay away from the internet and focus on your own ... focus!