Sunday, January 1, 2012

Triple F for 2012

Apparently resolutions don't work and have inherent failures built in to them.  But to draw on the resolve that is within oneself  is another matter entirely.

My first word was FOCUS and I learned a lot, mostly about how hard it was for me to stick with one thing.

Next came FIND and I again learned that the scattered approach, as in multitasking, doesn't enable me to fiddle with a new technique, or even an old one if I really want to make it mine.

This year should be FINISH. I'm not sure I am ready to let go of the first two so...

This is a Triple F Year.


I resolve to Focus on specific books.

I resolve to give the time to Find out all about it and then Fiddle to get really comfortable with the fiddling.

I resolve to use what I've found and fiddled with to Finish.          

I'm encouraged.   I did get stuff done last year and also managed to not start too very many new things.

I'm dismayed  that there is lots yet to learn and do while I do still have a few unfinished projects that are in dire need of finishing.

But I'm really excited about the book studies.  I had originally thought I was going to commit to 12 books and go back to cluttering up the side bar with things that make me cast my eyes down as I scurry by. lol Honestly I did get some of those done.  I just never up dated the side bar.  It boggles my mind that some who will remain nameless, (pssst. think of he who crows and his first chick) absolutely dent the list paper in eradicating any sign of the item!  :O Now I luv making lists.  It makes me feel virtuous. But I NEVER look at them after I make them!

I'm firm and focused on the books but I'm fiddling with the particulars as I find pertinent titles for later in the year.   But perhaps I'll list them as I Find/Fiddle and Finish them.

Fair enough?


HollyM said...

We seem to suffer from the same ailments but you say it better than I could.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

FINE. As in, yes, my fine feathered friend! And when we find looking only unto ourSELF to finish... we find we need to ask the One who is the best finisher, and focus... on our faith when it comes to doing anything... that requires resolve and more. Loved it Elle. Finely... done!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

P.S. That third F, and the fourth one, too... would make terrific screens wouldn't they? Hmmm... a line out to Miss Margaret Applin to have one of those made into a screen, if they are copyright free? Those "F's would make a wonderful quilt, embellished, and 'finely tuned' with whatever... becomes of the focus?

Createology said...

Hello Friend: I Find you Fraught with F's For this Fresh new start. Actually I find your post super clever and very entertaining. However it did lead to a great New Year's Day conversation with Friends when I asked how to spell Fraught and did each of them know the word. ROFLOL We did consult the dictionary! Happy Hugs Dear...

Gina said...

Those F's sound like goals I'd like to strive for too this year. But with eclectic tastes here too (as you referred to your last post)a year of F's will be quite a challenge. Have fun and good luck with your F's in a wonderfully creative 2012!

Mike said...

What is the origin of the third F