Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walking before galloping

 I have doubted myself.  I had pretty much relaxed with my free motion quilting abilities.  The basics I had and I could push those limits.   Then Nina arrived with the Bernina Stitch Regulator as part of her arsenal.  Surely that much money and that much technology must be right.  But I have found the BSR awkward and well, intimidating.  I think I will go back to what I knew to do all by myself.  But first I have to find it!    I can't find my old foot so I may be purchasing a new one.  Drat.

In the mean time, I'm beginning to restore my confidence with some walking foot exercises.  And actually, I do like the channels and the straight lines.  I considered the backings as I thought about design.  The centre runner is the channels.  Easy Peasy. I moved the needle position because I like wide channels and I use the edge of the foot for guide lines.  The narrow piece on the right is a spiral. The centre of the log cabin block is off centre and I like that contrast to the even spacing of the quilted line.  The larger quilt on the left had sashing so I emphasized that and then did the centre square of the block and echoed the shape.

The faster speed of Nina makes this a real pleasure.

The wide space under Nina's arm makes turning a breeze,

even with the larger size.

Walking fine! Now perhaps a trot (?) canter (?) but perhaps not the gallop.
Same horse, different gaits.
Same foot, different  paths.

Next comes the binding and the walking foot absolutely shines at bindings!


HollyM said...

You seem to be going, or should I say galloping with lots of horse metaphors lately!
I like the log cabins, the colors especially.
You have named your new Bernina, Nina? I have a friend who calls her new Janome, Rose, and I've forgotten why.
I've wondered what the stitch regulator might do, and since I can't afford one in the near future, it makes me feel better that you think you would do better without it.

Leanne said...

That is a lovely bit of quilting. I am surprised to hear about the stitch regulator, I had been coveting such a thing as my Janome does not have one.

Michelle in Saskatoon said...

I like the colors too. I never thought about naming my sewing machine, but it seems that many people do...

Createology said...

No snow shoveling equals wonderful sewing. Your runner looks fabulous.

Twisted Quilts said...

I have often wondered about the Bernina stitch regulator. I have never seen it used. I have a Pfaff only because we have a Pfaff dealer. The nearest Bernina dealer is about 60 miles away

Gina said...

This is beautiful fun quilt! I too have given up the Bernina Stitch Regulator although I did have fun with it, I find I sometimes go too fast in spots for it to keep up. I think I should use it once in awhile with the sound on to teach me to be a more even paced quilter. Now I do wish I had one of Nina's sisters with that nice big space and the big bobbin, etc!