Thursday, May 16, 2013

Winding Down

Last day of the conference and the rain  returned so we had a very expensive lunch inside.  :0

But by the time the last session ended it was only overcast so we set out for the InkPad which according to my googling was a 42 minute walk.  ???  I doubted we'd arrive before closing so we called a halt and entered Ruby Tuesdays.


Parking seems to be a universal means to generate revenue as we saw looking down during dinner!

After a spontaneous decision we took a night tour bus all over the place!

We were up top and front and centre!


The tour was a whirlwind of turns and sights.  It ended in a happy blurring of fact and fantasy!


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome trip! It looks like you learned a lot and saw a lot...lots of stimulation and inspiration! I'm sure you are still sorting it all out. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate a little more but that's how it didn't seem to slow you down. So, are tall building going to start appearing in your art work?

Createology said...

You really maximized every minute of your time in NYC! Great photos to remind you of each event. Thankful Thursday Dear...

HollyM said...

What a great experience you had! I've never forgotten my trip 30 some years ago.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was reading backward. It seems I have been gone from your blog longer than I realized.

You are so lucky to have seen Ground Zero. I would love to see this place and the museum, too. I remember when I went to the World Trade Center and spent much of the morning at the top of the world, so to speak. Much higher, and much nicer view than I got from the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Central Park really is wonderful and green. Your bus tour reminded me of driving in NYC. I saw sights similar to what you saw, only I never got to take photos while I was driving. And yes, I did a LOT of driving in the city when I wasn't walking.

I never saw a Broadway show, so I'm sure that must have been memorable. And I am sure you had a wonderful trip, because it sure brought back memories for me. Thank you for taking me along on this fun trip, and thanks for the memories, too. So much has change, yet stayed the same.