Thursday, December 12, 2013

Once upon a stack!

 I retrieved my camera and had a fun day with my grand girls.  No brother!  But now it is back to my stacks.

Once I had a plan!  These images were going to be layered onto these blank canvases.   But I am thinking the orientation of the canvases is wrong.  drat!  When the Rooster sees all those holes...  :(   I need to be more mindful of the table, window and tall bookcases whose orientation is also longish, vertical.  So the canvases themselves should run vertically and not horizontally as they are positioned here.  This time I shall place them on a large sheet of paper and nail through the paper.  Live, learn, and ...
I had hoped to have the basting done so I could spread out the canvases I had so carefully spaced on the wall.  I want to stack up layers of paint and use the figures as masks for a couple of more layers that are needed  to finish them off.  Some of the gals are on the backside of the paper but I only need outlines so I traced them and I'll mac tac them and cut them all out.   But I need a large work surface. 

I am also wondering how I can MQ with Nina jammed against the wall.  She is fine for piecing but  I need to be able to push everything beside and behind her.  I had the ideal placement once upon a time but not much else funtioned well.  I will just have to put her beside the cutting table for big projects.  But then I got to thinking about my cutter. Another big girl she needs lots of room to slide back and forth.  hmmm

So I dragged out my old sewing cabinet from under my cutting table and set her on it and between the doors.  Even her handle fits inside the perimeter of the top.  She actually started life here but the surface was too narrow and I was afraid of breaking off the handle.  I just switched the narrower unit to the end of the cutting table.  I need to go find where I stored the door for the cabinet.  A bonus is that I can put my mood board up where it is out of the road and can remind me of what I'm supposed to be doing but I'm not! lol  Speaking of doors I just may ask the Rooster to take off the closet door so I can get at my supplies easier.

Then that brings me back to the empty place where the cutter was.  It quickly filled with the current stack!  Not only does my tablet take pictures but I figured how to do e-books.  oooh!  The best part is that I can read in bed without an extra light which eliminates the Rooster's deep sighs and comments about how can I still be reading!  

I saw another tutorial on painting shoes so I washed up my canvas runners.  I will try to get a few creative layers on them as I reconsider these canvases.  I can do them on my counter.  If I remove the stack!  lol

And to think- it is all the fault of those lively jumping girls!


Createology said...

Now I realize why you stay in shape so well. You are constantly on the go and moving furniture and stacks. You are so good at re-0rganizing! Stack on dear...

Margaret said...

I confess I have my sewing machine against a wall too -- but embedded in a table so in a corner, really, with an extra piece I put in (over a pulled-out drawer) on my left side to support a quilt...Works a treat, and no chance of the quilt's weight pulling it off the back end of the table. :-)