Thursday, March 20, 2014

Half and half!

Today is split half daylight and half darkness.  I'm thinking I have six of one and half dozen things to do.

 Lambing is half done and the second half is always slower and less trouble than the first half!  The only green I've seen has been in the hay bales!  ;^)

We had a full house Sunday and they all dispersed before another weather system blew in that produced a total whiteout. Thankfully it didn't last long enough to shut everything down.  I had errands in town yesterday and I began to see gravel showing between the high snowbanks and everyone was smiling in town as the sun came out, water started dripping and puddles formed on the sidewalks!  I do believe we have spring happening.

The coffee pot died and the Rooster brought home a new one.  I say this because he bears a lot of responsibility for what happened next. lol   I am trying to deal with life as it is and not what might be.  So I am looking at all the 'what ifs' that we have on the to-do list.  If we did a bump out for a breakfast nook we can have an island with a big farm sink.  The sink awaits in the basement.  I am trying out island positions but the bump out looks further away than ever.  Also the old sink is needy to the point of embarrassing.  Sunday we had the Rooster and about 4 women, several kids and a few sight seers all circling the island!.  (I was off setting a long but  pretty table!)  It was crowded.


So Monday I decided we should just get that sink happening where the old sink is.  But the new white hutch encroaches on the sink space.  Ah, the smaller hutch in the front dining room would work and it is RED!  It was meant to be!

 So I pushed and shoved as much as I could until the Rooster came to finalize the lifting of the top back onto the white cabinet.  Actually the kitchen dishes have a red leaf on them!  The watercolour has bits of red flowers.  And I have a couple of red cooking pots.  I am here to tell you that if you buy what you like it all manages to go together!  :)

 I need those two old Ikea cupboards that were my island but if I took the top off, rotated the square cabinets and put it under the window we have a peninsula instead of an island.  Close enough.  The old elm cupboard was lovely but really too big for squeezing through with the laundry and it needs significant regluing.  Off to the veranda it went and it may find another spot but only after gluing.  The little jelly cupboard is happy to be back holding recipes and tea things.  I haven't done my valence because I'm still considering options.  I did see a lovely faux Roman shade I'd like to figure out. I did antique the very white birdhouse but that is a south window and I can't wait all day for the right angle of light. I'm spring cleaning/decorating!  lol

I put just about all my white ware into the bigger hutch.  The glass doors will keep the dust off and I really think this will be there final resting place as all this switchy switchy is cutting into my 'art' time!   lol This hutch needs another coat and some waxing and its drawers and knobs finished up but all the prep is done. My teacups are handy, my table linens at the ready and I'm pleased. 

I shall change up seasonal decor by alternating my quilts, pillows, and a few appropriate accessories.  I have realized that seeing bare walls and being able to move easily through the rooms is desirable.  Stuff is leaving!  I am luving the fresh feeling and while the hallway is slated for painting next, the spring cleaning is done for the bottom half of the house.  I'm half done and spring is just starting!  :) Now does anybody want coffee?


Createology said...

I am constantly amazed at how easily you rearrange your furniture pieces. The new arrangement in the kitchen is wonderful. I love your layout and display areas. Getting to use your farm sink will be such bliss. Spring Sunshine Smiles Dear...

Leanne said...

I love it that you rearranged around the new coffee pot, I think that your changes are great. I hope spring continues for you.

What Comes Next? said...

wow! You are so good at spring cleaning - the kitchen looks wonderfully refreshed! Love how you've rearranged things. I, too, am constantly amazed at your efforts to re-do and re-purpose, with every rendition even better than the one before.

Margaret said...

Love that red hutch with the splash of red on its dishes and the new red coffeepot. I think when I need a new coffee maker I will look for something besides white or black too!

Jo Ferguson said...

Your house is so warm and inviting. I have a Great Pyrenees, who would love to meet your lambs.