Sunday, March 30, 2014

One for the money, two for the show..

This was a huge quilt, wrong colours, and the odds were against me but I'd have been happy to redecorate!

 Eliana was not interested in the small challenges in the lobby but was sew excited to get into the show.

But that only lasted the first two rows and then it was not sew exciting. The Rooster, however, takes his viewers choice very seriously and prowls around intently making up his mind.  :^)

It was a better show than I've seen in the past so kudos to the committee.  I couldn't find my thread and I don't really need fabric but I did succumb to the spiel for an amazing iron.  I'll let ya know!

Eliana voted for the worm quilt. The Rooster and another lady waxed lyrical over a scrap quilt from old flannel shirts but he did end up voting for the blurry photo above.

This was my favourite!

With this a close second!  Manitoba doesn't show case a lot of the modern quilts but there were a couple.

Three is to get ready for the busy month ahead.  Four is to GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Vicki W said...

That raffle quilt would look great in my bedroom!

Margaret said...

That "modern" quilt was interesting - I particularly liked the city-scape in the centre. Any idea what the arrow was for?

Createology said...

How lovely to have a "family" outing. Eliana's choice of the worm quilt is adorable. Your favorite is stunning with all the applique work. Even Mr. Rooster has a lovely choice he made. I am amazed he enjoyed/endured the quilt show. April is coming quickly dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I'm late getting here this week. I've found myself coming and going. In fact, I'm so slow, I'm not sure I'll EVER catch up, especially since you are running faster than I can count.

What a great show. I really liked the modern quilt, since I'm not much for traditional designs. What a fun outing you three must have had.

Jo Ferguson said...

The show looks lovely. The modern, city scape, quilt was fascinating. I've not seen one, like it before. I lOVE appliqué, so your favourite quilt really struck a chord, with me.