Friday, August 1, 2014

How long should Hsteria last???

 August the first!  My, where is the summer going?  The grand kiddies spent some time.

The flowers have really liked cool and rainy.  The raspberries and even the saskatoon bushes have produced the best crop I can remember here on the farm.

The Rooster's new raised bed garden has revived his faith in his agricultural abilities.  

But the mosquitoes and the weeds and the weather have made us all a bit hysterical.  Hopefully things are looking to settle down to regular summer happenings as the forecast shows no clouds and lots of sun.

We should have known!  But then the rooster in the egg laying flock didn't seem to be too energetic.  We moved them to a new area with lots of tall grass.  But then egg production should have been better.  ???  Aha! While I was cutting grass I saw them!  chicks!  Some broody hen has been hiding eggs and she has hatched out a clutch.  We aren't sure how many.  She has snuck out of the main area and has them hidden in some large hay bales that run along the fence line.  Now my Rooster says there is a reason that the egg people went to incubators.  The mortality rate is high what with all the natural predators around. He takes each loss personally.   :O   I hope keeping track of them doesn't drive the little mama crazy!

Speaking of craziness,  I have been giving myself stern words.  Except for some sewing I haven't managed to accomplish very much.  The weekly list of finishes has languished.  But what I have been doing is learning about what I like and that has moved my design sense ahead!  :)

I very much enjoyed Vicki's HSTeria Quilt Along.  I do really like half square triangles.  Turns out I made these particular squares out of a quarter square die so it'll be a bit more of a challenge to sew all of the bias edges together.  But I do like the way it is coming together.

Vicki showed lots of options for various layouts and I want to try another top with the right die. 

Then I won some of Vicki's hand dyed scarps one week and that will be another project with HST's for sure, although I may be hand cutting larger pieces. ;~)

So HSTeria will continue here in this chick's coop!!!


Createology said...

Summer is here and we continue to be bone dry and hot. I do hope the Rooster doesn't lose too many of his chickies. Your fabric winnings are lovely. Hope you have HSTeria Bliss...

Vicki W said...

Glad you've enjoyed it!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I could NOT believe it when I read that these quilt pieces were cut with a die cutter. What will they think of next? No wonder nothing I make looks right. I guess I need one of those machines.

Your quilt is lovely, and those hand dyed fabrics are sensational.

BTW, I saw the fleece post below, and am saddened that you didn't keep any of the lamb's wool for roving or dyeing and turning into fibers. I would have been over the moon for even a small amount of it, since it's SO soft, and doesn't scratch me like some wool can/does.

Leanne said...

I love that rogue hen, and her gang of bandit chicks! I hope you have set up sufficient defences for her until you can herd them to a safe location. Your vegetables, flowers and fruit sure are doing well.

Threadpainter said...

Now there's a chick with attitude ... you go girl !

Jo Ferguson said...

My neighbour ended up with surprise chicks. The Rooster had been gone for three weeks when the little ones arrived. I can't convince my husband to adopt them. The hand dyes you won are gorgeous. I say enjoy the Hsteria until you don't enjoy it anymore.

Sparky said...

lovely pics in your coop