Friday, August 22, 2014

Should I go back to a first luv?

My creative life began way back when my mum let me pick the colours for my bedroom.  I have been picking colours and shoving furniture around ever since.

The kitchen makeover is slated for September first which is two weeks before the arrival of most of the kids for a mini family reunion.  :O

 I haven't been feeling particularly creative.

I woke up yesterday morning thinking that I couldn't spend one more night in a BLUE/green bedroom with retro overtones.  The master bedroom  was always supposed to be blush pink and taupe with a classic undertone.  I have some blingy lighting and some hand dyed velvet and some snazzy material for a pink/brown crazy quilt all sitting in boxes.  The Rooster is a romantic so he won't mind!  Mind you, redoing the lighting might just dim his switching abilities!

I briefly thought of switching back into the original master bedroom but the thought of moving all my sewing and art supplies nearly killed my mojo which is starting to lift her head to see what is going on!  ;^)

So today I shall finish trying to put the contents of an eleven square foot blue/green room onto a ten foot pink/orange room and vice versa.  The versa is gonna work way better than the vice, let me tell you!

But I'm gonna luv it!


Mary Ann Tate said...

Good luck with the moving of contents:) I have much needed decorating that needs to be done but I'm sort of in stop mode at the moment. The weather isn't helping much seems to be in permanent rain mode.

Createology said...

The end result will be so worth all your efforts. You will be happy and that is what is the most important ever!!! Creative Classic Bliss Dear...
P.S. I hope you share photos of the changes.

Gina said...

Good luck with the switch. Your comment of choosing the color for your bedroom as a kid reminded me of when my brother and I got to choose the paint color for our new bedrooms in Ottawa. I picked mauve, no problem but sadly my brother couldn't have his choice of black and instead ended up with grey.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's great that you were involved in choosing room colours when you were a child. My mom did start refinishing all my bedroom furniture to white but after having a bit of a meltdown (me, not her) I managed to convince her that I liked the natural wood best. Fall is a great time for change and I hope this one gets your mojo all excited and reinvigorated.