Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stepping Things UP!

I have been following a new to me blog and I quite like it!  france papillon  She hosts Journal on Monday.

Here is my try at making a journal page spread.

I opened my DYLP journal to a blank part and spread gesso with a plastic card which I like!

Next are sprays  which I also swiped with the card. 

I added printed tissue paper and dulled things a bit with some more gesso spread lightly.

Texture was made by spreading molding paste thru a stencil and then I flipped the stencil over onto the other page for a reverse effect.
I added more colour meaning to kinda hit the tops of the dried molding paste but...

More interest was added by stamping.

I really am on a mission to add fibre to my mixed media work.  I chose a complimentary colour  and sewed the fabric onto some coloured paper.

As seen, the dropper on the acrylic ink kinda exploded but I did like it.  I did spray some water to get some more drips on the left.
I wanted to get the various elements more integrated so I reached for more stamps.

To get some harmony with the fibre I added washi tape, some smudges with the ink pad, and some lines with that nice card again.
 I wasn't thrilled with the bottom left page and tried stencilling some copper.

I also tried a marker.  A water soluble pencil helped bring out the raised hand.

I positioned the stamped fabric with brads and balanced it with the key.  Good enough for a first stepping out!  lol

I'm going to link up with france's 100th JOM and hope that you will check out this great resource!


Createology said...

Beautifully created pages. Every layer adds so much dimension to see and feel. The addition of the turquoise fabric on paper is perfect. Now I am off to see this new inspiration blog you found. Creative Art Bliss Dear...

Unknown said...

gorgeous background i love your process and texture and color
thank you

MarveLes Art Studios said...

hey sweet missy! this turned out awesome! i love the "explosion" the best! but i also love the color. okay, i love it ALL!

Unknown said...

I love that! And I'd love to learn to paint!! xo Maria

Margaret said...

I admire the fun you have with paper arts. A glorious entry, elle!

france papillon said...

You didn't try to make an art journaling spread, you just did it! and the result is a fantastic proof of fun and going with the flow!
Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for joining the 100th Journal on Monday celebration!

Josefina said...

Love the texture of your page! ... and sometimes it's the explosions that do it. ;)