Friday, April 17, 2015

A Trinity of joY part 3

The theme has been Justified.  The form has Oneness.  The content has Yielded results.  Is there JOY?

whY is it finished? Have you, the maker, said all that needs to be said?  Can you put it out there?  Are the sum of the parts in relationship with the maker, consistent and integrated?

What others 'get' from a piece of art is arbitrary.  Hopefully their flame has been fanned.  But did you 'get' it? 
Art, good art, needs to convey something of the artist.

Lighting a fire is really only a beginning. Once lit it needs to be cared for so it can achieve its purpose.  What is the purpose of the fire?  Food, warmth, safety, light, signalling, propulsion, cleansing, comradeship, enjoyment ...

Artists perform a vital service to mankind.  They feel the pulse of society and then challenge and stimulate the norm.  They make the pause in life's busyness and fast freeze that which needs a closer look. They help to see something in a fresh way.  Isn't this beautiful?  Isn't this important?  Isn't this sad?   Even, is this art? 

There is a yearning in the artist to express what is internally felt. When we neglect to feed the flame within us creativity is smothered and everyone suffers.  Hopefully we can keep the fire burning brightly and that it is done for the JOY set before us.


Having yielded some of our own self to the work, a form of exhaling, we can now inhale, embrace the JOY and begin all over again to play with fire.  So, Come on baby light your fire!!!  It can be as simple as 1, 2, 3!

This is the third guest post for ...And Then We Set It On Fire... .  The blog is a technique driven blog and while I haven't exactly contributed a methodology it has been my desire to stimulate myself as well as others to keep the creative flame burning brightly.  We are all warmed by its fire!

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