Monday, April 6, 2015

Rooster Monday!

The Rooster is home for a couple of extra holidays.  The grand kiddies are also visiting.  It seemed a good day to clean chicken coops, move the laying hens and get a good start on the summer to-do list!

The hens are quite happy and tomorrow they will be outside looking for those early worms!

Not too many other signs of spring but it is still worth that extra look!   Come on spring!!!


Margaret said...

Happy Spring, Elle! Only evidence of it around here is my spring head cold. Cold, cloudy, wet snow much of last 3 days...but...If Easter's here, Spring can't be far behind!

Threadpainter said...

Love your hens ;)
Here's hoping Spring is soon. I am so cold ;( Freezing rain warning for tomorrow in my neck of the woods !

Mary Ann Tate said...

Ditto for's cold. They are saying we will be getting a really bad rain storm tomorrow. That's okay with me as long as it isn't more snow:)

What is the blue bottle for?

Createology said...

As you are ready for Spring we are finally having some rain and snow! Love your blue bottles!