Monday, April 20, 2015

Blowing in the wind!

Company blew in and out again.  I thought the laundry was going to follow them.  Phew!

 I had to dismantle my series vignette from the guest room and I am a thinking that if it is taking this much time to get around to starting, it ain't gonna happen.  I think series is a wonderful concept but perhaps my 'art' series time has not yet arrived.   But I DO want to try working in a series.

 A series is a body of work connected by a common idea.  The idea can grow from what if next time...  or it can be just one idea that is fully explored.  But it is basically a variation of one subject.  But it should come from a natural inclination and interest.  My natural inclination is a simple shape and the modern fabrics that keep winking at me. ;-)

I dug through my design/inspiration file because I remember making a copy of something concerning working in a series that featured quilts. It has survived all the various editing of my numerous files.   I saved a Century of Progress block idea that has lots of options but I think I'll start with a simpler block.

Square in a Square is a favourite. I certainly like diagonal square and I made a big quilt using it.  But I am thinking the block on the left so I can explore log cabin variations.   Lots of what if's!

The first step is to make a completely finished traditional quilt and proceed from there.  

I went to my handy dandy ufo busting  list and I need a summer lap quilt for my master bedroom!  This will be fun and I'll try to remember to keep the window closed when the design wall is needed!

This past week has been busy and a tad stressful.  The Rooster and I have gotten a great start on the spring yard work but now we get to take a pause.  Looks like spring has been blown off the track by a winter squall.  Gee, I can take a bit of a breather!!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have just started considering working in a series, but I don't have enough room to create more than one of anything at the moment. However, I have never thought of working with fabric in a series. That may be what gets you over the hump (so to speak).

Enjoyed your FIRE series and loved the wood you assembled in that circular holder. That was AWESOME.

Nita said...

I noticed the bare tree branches in the laundry photo. Oh, i'm so glad winter is well and truely gone here where I live! The cherry trees are just starting and the magnolias are in full bloom. I so love the spring!

Vicki W said...

I could use a little weather breather so I can take a little break from yard work too!

Jo Vandermey said...

I saw your comment on Beth's blog and now yours on working on a series. In November I read Elizebeths book on working in a series. I was fired up to start. The only starting has been in my mind.
Clearing the sewing room of projects and fabric that no longer speak to me. Working three days a week to make cash for things to fix up the house, etc.. Etc...
Maybe my season hasn't come yet.
But I am always impressed at how much you do get done.
Since I don't have a dedicated studio practice,family obligations etc I think I have to give myself a break about following a path I think I should be on...and forge my own.
That's why I love your blog. You create yet also are honest about sharing you family side too.
Hope you have a great day