Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday- wash day!

The question, aside from whether or not the laundry will stay on the line, is whether the raspberries will plump up or not.

The wee but sweet tomatoes have been satisfying my sweet cravings on a steady but regular basis. They are plumping up nicely.  But then they are near the door and get regular watering.

The raspberries were looking promising, very promising.  But then we got fixated on the tree planting and never gave them a thought.  A week of very hot temperatures were doing them in.

I do believe they are gonna plump up!  We have had two days of deluge.  The ditch behind this flower bed is full of water and I expect all these plants to draw it in for quite some time.  :O

The sun is welcome and I hope the temperature heats back up as I've been shivering for two days and looking for extra quilts at night.  :(

It would have been nice to have a few hot days to seal down the new shingles but at least we didn't lose any.  :{  The barn is dry inside and now time to move on to phase two.  Summer schedule is escaping page by page and it'll be back to the regularly scheduled programming in no time. 

Tuesday- To Do List!!!


Createology said...

I cannot help but be very envious of your rain and beautiful green yard. I am so sick of our "California Gold" landscaping which is really brown and sad. Yay for the dry barn and shingles that held tight. Summer Sunshine Dear...

Mary Ann Tate said...

We are getting rain as well and it's cooled down. I put a blanket on the bed last night!!! Apparently it's supposed to heat up on the weekend but it seems like fall already here.

Beth said...

Everything is so lush and green. At least the wind keeps the bugs away!

Nita said...

It looks like a great day there!

Margaret said...

"Good day on cloths!" to quote a recent broadcast from Stuart Mclean...!

Oh I hope your raspberries come through. This year mine (still very young) produced many canes and leaves...and about 4 berries. I hold high hopes for next year!

The tomatoes are trying to make up for the raspberries...:-)

Jo Ferguson said...

Your gardens are beautiful.