Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Would you happen to know...

I have been delighted at discovering things about myself through blogland.  Identifying the good stuff and then tackling changes on the not so good makes for a happier and more productive art gal.   Keeping it simple, limiting my choices and sticking with a theme have been huge helps.   But an important key is alluding me.

I get that life is busy and while the viewing seems to be pretty consistent, comments are fewer.  That's okay.  I'm doing less commenting myself.  But I was wondering if any of my 'regular' visitors are seeing something that I am missing.  You know, the elephant in the room that no one talks about!  ;^)

The  grand kids were here for a short visit.   We talked about their books and making them simpler.  Then I spent a good ten days working on their school journals and their personal journals.  Absolutely enjoying myself and making big messes.

Josh just turned 8.  He is a techy/detail kind of guy and has a world view.  His travel method of choice is boats at this point.  Here he is making cabin doors.  :) H is more into pen drawings, cutting and gluing.  I'm keeping the list of ten for favourites.  (and their handwriting)

I hope his planner/journal reflects all that he likes. There will be less photos and more art. The circle punches, maps, and green will tie his binder together.

Eliana is 6 and is a girly girl who is comfortable with rough competitive sports.  She documents her interests with free wheeling art techniques.  She is no planner- 'let me at it'! LOL

Her drawing of a house helped confirm that houses could be her theme.  She likes turquoise, dimensional embellishments and all the messy art supplies.   .

I have concluded her art journal will fill with pages all too quickly so I gessoed all the pages of a zippered  thrift shop binder for her extras.  I hope she can release her creativity in her books.

Jolina's fourth birthday is coming up.  She likes pictures and stories.   She is also a quick study and is already grasping the concepts that I have been teaching her brother and sister in art 101.  She'll be ready to do her own thing in the near future.

I have a great theme/plan for her binder.  A nursery rhyme scrapbook packet.  I'll supplement with some colouring pages and she can make stories about all her favourite animals. 

I have solid colours, the theme papers and lots of animal stickers.   I can always add blank pages.

I, myself, am not doing the unplanner  but I will use the weekly videos and tutorials for ideas.  Once a month we will learn a technique to use in these art journals though.

I LUVED doing all the sorting, planning, gluing.  I felt like I was in the creative zone and didn't want to stop.   So why can I not translate that momentum, that commitment, that  joy into my own finished products???  I try to do as good work in these binders as I do in my own.   Is mine work and theirs fun? :\

oh, dear.  If you can see the elephant that I am dancing around please do tell! 


Jo Vandermey said...

I will leave a comment... I not sure what the elephant is. You seem to thrive in doing things for your budding artists, or tackling your home zone. What do you want to do with your art? Is it for you? Your budding artists, to seek how to do things, sell, become famous?

I think the key is finding the why.

I love reading about your adventures. A far away friend is how I think of your blog.

I am going through a reinvention time. One I have wanted for awhile but now seem a bit adrift and frustrated that I can't seem to get the get and go.

It is a beautiful spring day here the birds are cheerful.... I just want a nap.


elle said...

I always reply by e-mail but I think I shall also comment here.

You are indeed a far away friend and I suspect we are somewhat similar. ;^) Great insight. If the WHY isn't the elephant, for sure it is the elephant's companion. I haven't really thought about the WHY! I do know that ART isn't a capital P Passion. I can get sidetracked by lots of other things. I have won a few awards and never felt 'famous' so that's not why. The Rooster thinks I should sell but that looks like a hassle even if it could fund the hobby. I do like techniques!!! oh, yeah, I try lots of things. For me? Maybe, but the ones I create in my head might qualify. I AM fixated on having my nest in my style, such as it may turn out to be. hmm, I don't see myself as purpose/goal driven but just maybe I do need a reason to ...

Thanks, Jo most helpful and something to think about.

Nita said...

Good morning!
It's hard to know why people do or don't comment. I go through spurts, myself. Often I'm rushing through, drinking my morning coffee and reading all the stuff that I've signed up for that piled into my inbox overnight.The internet is great and I love the bloggy world, but it doesn't foster any intimacy...its too easy to read & move on. I love the idea of making journals to document your grandchildren's visits (that is what you're doing, right? Because I missed the post where you talked about how the art book project started, so I just made an assumption). If I am ever blessed with grandchildren, I will remember this project and create books with them!

Nita said...

If I was an artist, I would paint little pen & ink or watercolour sketches on postcards and write lovely letters to go with them, and sell them as a subscription letter service on etsy. Like the " letters from Paris" lady does. :)
maybe I should learn, lol.

Createology said...

I don't try to analyze my own issues and cannot imagine analyzing and judging your life dear. I do know we creative people are very able and willing to try various mediums and may in fact spread ourselves too thin. May you find your inner peace and calm my friend. Sharing your love of all things creative with your Grands is very special and rewarding. They are your Legacy Dear...

elle said...

Nita! Thanks. I think people are busy. Maybe the whole world is spinning faster. The Smash books are spiral (art) journals with printed pages. We started last year and they are school year diaries. I enjoy them and have some ideas for making my own for each of my kids . This is your life~ LOL

elle said...

Sherry, you are a sweetheart. Sorry, I never meant to make anyone uncomfortable. I am not really interested in deep analysis and push the past away almost immediately. But I guess I'm a little frustrated. I should know better than to compare with those full time, prolific artists who blog. I just thought the darn elephant was so big others might also see it. You are right! Do what we luv and then we'll luv what we do. I do like making stuff with the grand kiddies but they weren't meant to 'take over ' the blogeither. Mind you the cuteness will wane! ;^)