Friday, November 18, 2016

A momentous day!

I have been having a great week!  Playing and working and crossing things off the list!

Wednesday's I join my friend Irmgard for some Fun, Food, and Fellowship.  We arrive early before she has to open her shop and shh, we hope for not too many customers when she does open.  ;^)

This week I introduced her to mono printing with the gelli plate.  Gosh, we had fun!  She is a believer!  lol 

My Memory Keeper is up to date!  I added bigger rings as it is an 18 month planner and my intention is to document our transition from the farm to where ever life takes us next year! 

 September was a busy month with lots of company and most of our kids came home for a visit.

So I started off running like crazy to get all my decorating projects finished.

Then there were photo opportunities galore so white space was sacrificed on the layouts.

 I did remember my photo sleeves so that helped somewhat.

 The third week was a road trip to see my sister and get her colouring!

 Then I managed to rest and regroup for the rest of the month because...

I was back on schedule for working/playing with my grand kiddies! Now I am totally up to date on everything in the planner and I am excited to continue documenting my memories.  Because...

The new book on Archetypes has totally set my creative spirit free!  Really. Among the foremost and primary traits; I am a storyteller.  Secondarily I am a creative which is a less stressful word for artist.  So I am a small 'a' artist but a capital 'S' storyteller.  Now instead of feeling guilty that I may be procrastinating instead of making ART when I work on the grand kiddies or my own planners,  I am liberated to embrace my storytelling muse and let her 'have at it'!!!   I'm kind of a narrative artist.   I cannot even find the words to express how very happy this makes me.  Momentous!!!

Next my basement is finally, completely, decluttered.  It is an old unfinished basement and flinging at least half the stuff from 40 years of living is indeed liberating!  whoo hoo!

Last but not least, readers will perhaps remember that one fine day the gov't came and condemned and took out our bridge access.  They gave us a quarter mile long drive way between field and ditch.  Not ideal.  Many promises and it has been a few years but today...  the promise to give us back a better access is happening!

The second culvert didn't behave as nicely as the first one and had to be hand guided.  Ah, Manitoba winds!  Oye, a third one and some dosey doeing in the parking lot!  Would you believe four?  This is happening as I am trying to wind up my post.  lol

Apparently there is still more 'daylight' to burn so if they can work, I guess I better get back at it myself.  I must go down to the fridge, open it and see if anything leaps out!   ha!
It has been a momentous day.  I wonder what next week will have in store because I will have to decide The Next Thing First! ;^)  I doubt that it will be watching men work!  ha!

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Createology said...

I am so happy for you while reading this post. It sounds like you have found yourself and your purpose which truly is Momentous. Storytelling and artist do suit you perfectly. Planners up to date and a new bridge being put in...Priceless. Play does make for a very happy Elle!