Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My Memory Keeper, November week two.  I do believe I'm believing that less will be more!

September pages are well underway.  gee, a lot happened that month !  Not the time to practice less is more!  ;^)

Art 101 with the grand kiddies is surprising them and me!   We are practicing our sketching.

I got two new books in the mail.  Both confirm I am on the right track as I tweak my blog for the coming year.  The archetypes revealed one surprise but the rest confirm my luv for storytelling, scribing, writing, playing and learning.  I am not a passionate person but collage definitely turns my crank!

I'm off for a play date and hope to post some fun stuff later in the week.  Turns out that among other types, I am an Eternal Child.  Whoo Hoo!  Validation that all work and no play makes elle grumpy! lol


Createology said...

Playing is definitely on my agenda too...I just don't know when. Our home is officially listed for sale. Now we wait...

Seth said...

Loving these pages in your Memory Keeper elle.