Monday, March 6, 2017

Winter Wrap up!

Looks like winter is preparing to leave like a lion.   The warnings are up but I do hope to get away tomorrow for art 101 with the grand kiddies.  We have a sketch date at the library!  :O

I have been working on my garment selections for wrapping up the season.   Seems I need to lose the dark colours and embrace the lighter.  I can do that.  The next grouping will be more colourful.  This is my winter capsule.  I won't be buying much more black.

I seemed to have hit a wall with the journal updates and so I just cleared the deck desk, put my head down and got at it!  I shoveled away all the bits and pieces and used the glue stick liberally.  I'm not quite done but I'm to the point where a finish is in sight.  Hopefully that won't happen again.

I ordered a few clothes internationally and I won't be doing that again.  $54 duty!  I never paid that for any art supplies.  sheesh!  I shall be wrapping myself with stuff from theBay.  I like online shopping but not the duty for international stuff.  TheBay is Canadian, online, and I can do easy returns if I'm not happy.

 I am doing up all the laundry for our star boarder.  He should be back home by the end of the week.  There will be a little less game playing and more creative stitching.  I will put finishing touches to the guest room and send the bunk beds off to Joshua as his room is slated for finishing this month as well.  It is a small room and my custom bunks fit wonderfully.  Downsizing.  I luv it!

Not a lot crossed off my list but a good start.  That's a wrap!


Jo Vandermey said...

Just conciously going through things is getting a lot accomplished. Sounds like a good month!

Createology said...

Elle dear you are way further ahead than I am in every detail. I am still wearing my blacks and greys...I did add a gold vest today...WooHoo! When there is no sunshine I have no need for bright colored clothing. Love what you are accomplishing my friend. Nothing here on the homefront.

Threadpainter said...

Elle ... you continually amaze me ... you have more energy than I have in my baby finger !
Good on you to get away from the many shades of grey. I'm still there, tho' have made a few 'fushia' purchases lately. Fushia makes me feel like I'm wearing a little bit of sunshine.
Snow storm on it's way here ... March def. going out like a lion. Stay warm !

UplayOnline said...

Sounds like a good month!