Friday, February 3, 2012

Back by popular request

 Winter?  Well even though we have had an incredibly mild winter it is the chooks that are today's object of interest.

When the otter left we had a total of 5 chickens.  Two roosters and 3 hens.

They are worse for standing still than kids at a birthday party so sorry for the blurriness.

I think this is the boss rooster and the contender is the one with the black tail feathers.

The coop is off the main path, tucked into the edge of the bush which makes for a nice warm coop in winter.  But the isolation makes it a nice target for predators any time of the year.  My Rooster is checking the local want adds for additions for my flock.  He studies it better than I do mixed media sales flyer's. lol

The white is showing its Cornish genes and we really don't need that size.  The black tail feathers means that rooster has some Rock in him and that is a hardy breed and smaller.  The smallest red hen is a bantam. Lovely eggs but they hardly like to stay in their enclosure and are high flyers and prey bait. We had a few Canadian chickens,  Chanticleers.  They are pretty tough but kinda scrawny so I think he is looking at Brahma's as they are hardy,  pretty low energy and  like to lay eggs in the winter.

We have also been thinking of moving our Border Collie, Sweet Pea, into a better place and my Rooster is thinking of moving her over to the coop area so she can be a deterrent to any critters.  She will just luv the new plan. It'll be better than having the widest big screen TV in her dog house!   She is great with the sheep but her first luv is chasing down chickens.  Let me just say that when the gate opens she is off like a bullet to 'visit' the chickens to see who flew the coop while she was napping!   vbsigh  

 Sweet Pea, or the Peeper as her master calls her,  might like to check out the wide open spaces but then that is our Great Pyrenees job.  He could care less about the chickens!

So that's what is happening in the coop.  I just might ask for another winter like this one for next year though.


Vicki W said...

Oh what beautiful photos! I wish we were getting some snow this winter but that's not happening. We are having a very mild winter this year. I can be outside most days without a coat!

What Comes Next? said...

I agree, your photos are great! I love looking at the snow, and don't mind a little bit, but I prefer it to remain on the mountains, which, luckily, it does around here for the most part!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I don't know about chickens or dogs but I do know....I NEED your chicken coop and I NEED it sitting in a snow covered field in my backyard, or at least some where I can see it....year around! Amazing photo!

Createology said...

Your coop looks fabulous with your bright cheery paint job you did. If i had a dog her name would be Zelda and she would be a Border Collie! Good luck with the safety of your chicks. Our winter has been very mild...SO FAR...

Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh - your photos are so fabulous! LOVE the coop! YEs I do! ;)

HollyM said...

I think if I could venture into having any farm animal it might be chickens.
Your winter picture is so pretty; I love the soft colors.