Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Luv

People who don't *understand* disparage Internet time and friendships.  I wonder if pen pals were once misunderstood as well.  I would rather type than talk on the telephone even though I'm a 'hunt and peck' kind of typist.  8^)   But I am very blessed by my blogger friends.  I've received very kind and thoughtful comments and e-mails during this last month.  Thank you.  My youngest son is now discharged from the hospital and is well on the road to recovery.  My  daughter has passed the queasy stage and is moving along in her pregnancy.  The grand kiddies continue to come and go for play or stay times.  My Rooster struts and crows as he surveys the farm yard and his hen's ASAP list.  I'm starting to feel like my creative process is 'jelling'.  It is good.

Monday afternoon's I'll be entertaining two gals for a jewelry making playtime.  I'm thrilled to do this because it is something I have really wanted to do.  I've collected some supplies and a few books but I haven't actually made anything.  So we will all learn together and I will share the learnings.  I've asked my friend, Sherry, over at Creatology for a few tips on getting started.  This Saucy Chick has a number of colourful eggs in her basket and she especially makes lovely jewelry.  Thank you, Sherry!

Another dear friend is Leslie, who does marvelous things with fabric and thread over at MarveLes Art Studios.  This clever chick is very inspiring and encouraging for us budding artistas.  An added bonus for me is that she happens to have the same sewing machine; therefore her technical suggestions make my learning curve a little less steep.  Thanks Leslie.

The rumours in blogland are calling for changes in how people will be following their favourite blogs.  This affects me because I follow some blogs.  This can also affect anyone who follows me.  So I'm thinking about how to do all this.  One option that has come up is Linky Followers.    I will be considering this and if anyone has any input on how to continue to make 'spreading the luv' even better I'd like to hear about it.

My wish for you is to have a lovely day!  Thanks!


Mary Ann said...

Oh dear...please don't tell me Blogger is going to do more messing around. I follow lots of blogs but I also have a blog list that I don't officially follow but visit from time to time. I did see one blog that had converted to LINKY but at the moment I don't recall who that was..if I do I'll let you know:)

Mary Ann said...

Here's the blog I mentioned. If you tag down she mentions that she has converted to LINKY.

Mary Ann said... would be a good idea to give the link....

Judy said...

I love meeting people through blogging! Some people spend hours on Facebook-I'd rather read posts :-) and meet creative people from all over the world!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

"It is well with my soul" is the song that triggered in my heart when I read your post; especially about the kids/chicks/rooster. It is, indeed, WELL. Thank God! And Thanking Him that we have each other, and that indeed... is well within our souls. And as another good internet buddy once reminded me... when we get to heaven, where HE has made many rooms for us... I hope mine is next to yours... or at least just down the hallway! SOLI DEO GLORIA, my love.

Lisaleh said...

Hi Elle, my suggestion for following blogs is to your an RSS reader. I use google reader and it's great. You can add a gadget in blogger from the template page. The gadget is the "subscribe to" one. Then, people can choose to subcribe to your posts using whichever reader they prefer (google, yahoo, feedburner, etc.). Of course, doing this doesn't let you see who is following your blog, but it does alert you when one of the blogs you follow posts something new.

Have fun with your jewellery making. I was hugely into this hobby back in the day. Fun times!

HollyM said...

I'm glad your family is on the mend.
I hope I'm not going to have to climb up another learning curve with the followers thing. It takes me hours and sometimes days to figure all this stuff out.
It's lovely that you have some friends to explore the jewelry making with you.

Lori E said...

I have just added the Linky follow thing to my blog. It is easy to use but we shall see how it goes. I think lots of us are wondering what is going on with Blogger lately.
I look forward to seeing your jewelry creations. The best thing about doing this with friends is they can photograph the pieces while you are working on them or holding them.