Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Furniture Finish

I got my reupholstered chairs and foot stool back. I am thrilled with the wonderful job.

The foot stool will be in the sitting room with the two neutral chairs.  One reclines for a tired rooster and the other is for this chick to nest in.  I was always sorry I never got the matching foot stool. Now I'm not sorry at all.

The two recovered chairs will be in the front dining room.  They can be drawn up to the table or they can be available for serious thinking as they are not quite as comfortable as the over stuffed chairs.

As each choice is made it fine tunes the over all design plan.  The new chairs are best on either side of the stove and my original ideal for glass fronted cabinets that keep the dust out  may be too deep. I may have to revert to bookcases. WAIT, they could be shallow glass fronted cabinets that are the same depth as the bookcases.  Blogging my thoughts is the very best thing!  :)    The door in the sitting room leads to the bathroom and kinda needs to be there but needs upgrading.  I'm seriously thinking of putting  a door with glass panes in it, probably white.  They would then relate to the sliding doors with wooden inserts that are behind the curtain.  In summer I switch my chair with a gate leg table for easier access to that door.

I am really trying to stay focused on finishing the bathroom and then into these two rooms for painting and finishing.

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Createology said...

Your newly upholstered chairs and footstool are beautiful. I love their shape and style. How wonderful that they can serve so many options and look amazing doing so. You really have quite the eye for decor. It is fun to change things up once in a while. Blissful decorating dear...