Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Into every life a little red must fall

Goodness, buying beads and bead supplies can put you onto the red very quickly.  LOL

 I dug through my previous acquisitions before we made our 'field trip' to Michael's in the big city.

We settled on Stringing Beaded Jewelry which I felt was the best beginner book. Clear, large pictures and quite a few options.  Then we threw our hands up in the air and went for a kit.  I just added some glue.  I had also surmised that with all my many pliers I was missing the much needed crimpers so we grabbed a pair of them.

Then we just played a bit when we got back.  As I keep saying, "we got options!".

                                                         I hope you have a red letter day!


Mary Ann said...

The beading area at Michael's is a very dangerous place...I could spend all day there:)

Createology said...

You are definitely ready to bead and create some beautiful wearable jewelry. Crimpers and the design board will really help. Happy beading dear...

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Crimpers are necessary; good purchase! Bet the kids are loving this!!