Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A bigger playground

Bearing in mind that I will probably never have the ideal, I have decided to make myself a better/bigger play ground.

The Coop and Saucer Playroom is really the best place to sew.  For some time I have realized that it is not conducive to the messy aspects of my creativity.

The view from my playroom overlooks the chicken coop, the potting shed and the garden area.  It is a pretty area with a lovely shaded area I call That Faerie Place. Hmmm, it also seems to have accumulated a goodly collection of singing, swinging frogs!

My Rooster said I could turn the potting shed into a Shed to Dye for! I'm up for the creative challenge.  But the reality is that it is only 8' x 12'.  It has no power and the water source is a very long garden hose. The floor is dirt.  It would not be very comfortable in the winter. And, last but not least, it is actually pretty useful as a garden shed!  

This barn, which is slated for some work this summer, is 30' x 60'.  The roof leaks and it needs a bit of luving.  The back half is for livestock.  The front half is up for grabs!  My Rooster wants one quarter for his hobbies.  I think I am going to claim the north east corner for me and my hobbies!  It is insulated.  It has power and water.  I would have a 13' x 26' space!  Should be enough!!!

The windows need to be put back in.  My son in law can operate a compressor with accompanying paint nozzle.  The ceilings are high, the floor cement, and layout long and narrow.  It is far from the phone and the temptation to google one more web site.  A mental check of shelving, tables, laundry tubs, the Rooster's lumber stash and tools and I'm feeling quite confident that we (he) can do this.  In fact, I can hardly come up with a negative.  lol

I will also remind him that it will be a great place for the grand kiddies to hide out!


Vicki W said...

That sounds like a lovely new playground!

Mary Ann said...

Wow that sounds awesome. The only danger is you have more space to put more stash.....very dangerous that:)

True Blue Nana said...

That sound great, can you put a lock on the door so nobody will bother you!

I saw this quote and wanted to share it.

Life will inevitably involve challenges; and sometimes they’ll work in our favor. Problems allow us to create, innovate, and stretch both ourselves and the world we know.

Createology said...

This will be a fabulous place to be creative and play. And a place to share with your Rooster and littles. Infinite possibilities...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Sounds perfect! Woo Hoo more planning, dreaming, shopping.......your going to love the process and the end results!

HollyM said...

Wow, that will be a wonderful space to work in. It will be fun to watch the progress.

Bernie said...

Oh my gosh!! An old barn to turn into a craft space to share with your husband!! sounds like an awesome win win situation. I love old barns!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Post lots of pictures. I'm happy in my old attic and love my creative space and yes I agree it's much easier to be creative when it is all easy to store and tidy (or at least that is how it works for me).