Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful beginnings

I do believe I have a beautiful beginning for Bead Day.

I kinda like instant gratification so I decided to use my beads with any of the premade packages I had acquired.  I am learning how 'some' of the ends come off.  lol

The fabric necklace probably needs one end removed and then recrimped when the beads are added.

I do like the magnetic clasps and it was totally by accident I discover that it just has a long thread on the wire.  The suede or elastic are very casual.

I stumbled across some discount beads at the fabric store.  They were buy one and get 3 packages free.  Goodness.  But the reason was that only the beads remained and there was no wire.  But I took the chance as I really like these large beads with the big openings that are lined with metal.

 Sure enough I found a large bracelet that had a clasp that enclosed the small end that the beads slipped over. Turns out I have a small wrist.  :(   This is very loose but because the beads are packed to fill the chain they would be falling off as I tried to close that clasp on my wrist so loose is good. But that's a pain either way.  Now I have an idea of sizing. :O  The one I decided would be too small wouldn't have been.  I shall try to get back for more of the sale beads and the smaller bracelet.  I do have a package of snake chain that may or may not work but that would be lesson two.

A big advantage in using wires that have a knob that unscrews is that I can try all kinds of different things.  If it doesn't work when I wear them for a bit then I can try again.  I imagine you could quickly change colour schemes if you were so inclined.  I did find this bead reamer quite useful but perhaps it is an indication of the quality of my beads.  

I need to consider more spacers between the individual feature beads.

The disadvantage of quick is that it lacks the finesse of fine jewelry.  But I will upscale as I learn.  I'm thinking that I will like simpler necklaces but  fairly clunky bracelets.  I haven't even thought too much about earrings.  

Monday is scheduled as a Family Day Holiday so I took the free time to get a wee bit ahead of my fellow beaders.  I'll try to work on the new stuff in the morning and share what I learned the previous week in the afternoon.  Then it should beeeeee a good day.  After all,   I/we Got Options!


HollyM said...

I have such a weakness for colorful beaded jewellery. None of the expensive stuff for me; I'm cheap. The turquoise is so pretty.

Mary Ann said...

I love that colour...very pretty:)

Createology said...

Looking excellent Elle. Looks like you already know what you are doing. Love the blue necklace. You must be the best sale best deal finder...fabulous beads. You are so correct in the thought of if you don't like what you beaded you can always take it apart and remake it to your liking. Keep it simple and keep beading my dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Great jewelry. Beads can be spendy, so if you can find bargins you are smart to grab them. I love the leaf shaped beads and the beautiful blue color. Jewelry is fun to make, except jump-rings, I hate jump-rings!