Friday, May 28, 2010

Fantastic Friday Finish

The closest fabric store is closing/moving and this week's sale was the modern section so my daughter, grand kids and I dashed thru the rain and in to get the items on our list. I stayed totally focused and wasn't over too very much. This buying spree was to finish up the spring decor.

I really luv this fabric. It is Robert Kaufman's Fusions. I have had it for a while and have tried it in the spring and summer options for our bedroom but I have not been able to get the right look. I also have a really great combo for summer so I was so happy to find this spring selection:

This is an Amy Butler fabric. Yahoo!

Then I added these few fabrics to hopefully go with the 4 solids I have, orange, turquoise, olive, and purple. I don't know for sure what the circular design will be, but I think I have finally got a good start. The top 3 aqua's are possibles. But they were actually meant for the downstairs hall.

I had some nice FQ's and was just looking for a compatible colour combo for the small lap quilt that I throw on the old cedar chest. Well, surprise! They go wonderfully. The large print is a Bryant Park for Exclusively Quilters. The lighter fabric, here and then above are Revive Collection from ArtGallery

The upstairs hall was a grouping that I had but you can see they can also share fabrics with the master bedroom. I only need a small wall hanging for this area. I had in my mind to go with a light peachy wall paint but this past week I learned that light colours are not great in rooms with minimal light conditions. I was going to use a yellow green in the 50's room but I'm rethinking that. Aqua may be better and I could use the green in the hall. The paint chip is a chameleon kind of green that goes real well with the four rooms that open into the up hall. There is a bit of the green in the rug as well. So now that I've narrowed the green down I'll be getting the sample jar to try. After the Sunshine room comes this hall.
Not on this years decor plan but perhaps next spring is a bathroom shower curtain. I serge the yellow brick road pattern pieces and the results are quite nice. So I got some FQ's.

The 4 fabrics on the right are leftovers but the 10 on the left are new. I'm not sure how many FQ's I need but I always tweak the pattern so I only need a rough guestimate.
The little bonus was a note on my list that I have only one fabric in the sitting room table runner. I could keep an eye out for something I could add to the room in a pillow or mini quilt for a side table. I found this interesting fabric and was glad I could justify the addition.

It doesn't quite go with the down hall fabrics but could certainly be a pillow in the sitting room. The yellow is a tad brighter but I'm learning to relax the matchy matchy tendencies. ;)
While I was checking out my purchases I turned on the computer and lo and behold; first time in cyberland- I won 2 meters of fabric from Lesly over at the Pickle Dish . The fabric works wonderfully with all this spring decorating. Her 100th blog post asked for a small worlds story. I have found the Internet to be a big world but finding good friends has made it much smaller. I am very appreciative.
So the spring decorating has wrapped up and summer is looming large on the horizon. I will be continuing with deco Fridays but I'll be showing what I have and what I have in mind for future quilt projects. Some are old WIPS and some have been in the "I need to do that" list for some time. Now that I'm making progress with focusing I'm feeling confident that their day will come.
I'm looking to be focusing on some other exciting projects for the summer. It is going to be a Summer to Dye For!


Molly said...

Ohhhh.... All that beautiful fabric was lovely with my morning coffee. Thanks for starting my day with such pretty thoughts.

Unknown said...

Delish fabrics. :D