Thursday, May 20, 2010

I took the pledge

I LUV blogging! I have learned so much since I started. Mostly about myself; what makes me tick, what doesn't. Life is all about learning and the day is wasted if I haven't learned something. The best way to retain what you learn is to share it. I have lots to share and I have way more to learn. It is all part of the PROCESS. To learn about the pledge please click on the button on the side or here.
Pretty faces don't do much for me. I need to see the person's character behind the face. So watching a project evolve fascinates me and I learn lots just watching. Seems like others agree. Hence The Pledge. Interestingly enough this isn't just about quilting. I'm deciding whether I could make garments for myself and have them actually fit. So I have been following a couple of sewing blogs and yesterday one gal asked her readers if she was boring them with all the details of garment construction or should she just post finished clothes. The answer was a resounding, YES, we want all the details. 8^)
I also have novice sewers visit my blog and they wonder about the complexity, or what looks to them as complexity, of the projects. I guess easy peasy is in the eye of the beholder. lol
So I do pledge to share my process. It is a win/win situation because it helps others and it helps me identify what works and what doesn't and it is the best motivator in the world.
So plunge in, the water is fine!

I have one twin top sewn together. YES! I have a few chores and a few errands but hope to get the second twin top sewn today. Then I need to see whether I wait for the new improved olfa rotary circle cutter to arrive in my part of the country or plunge ahead with my scissors. I'm not sure I'll be able to wait much longer to see how they'll look sprinkled over the top. yum!


Anonymous said...

It's fun to see how other peoples' processes work and it's great for picking up tips and ideas! Thanks for volunteering to share what works for you!

Twisted Quilts said...

I also really enjoy seeing the way other folks think through their projects. Go Girl!

Molly said...

Great post! I love orange and am looking forward to seeing more of this quilt. I think it's going to be an original work of art!