Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Out of the ashes???

Well, since I'm not burning anything except maybe some rubber off my sneakers, out of the dust shall rise a new beginning. From the ground up, so to speak!

Vacuuming puts me right into a ZONE! Good bye world, hello thoughts.
Can my muse, A Musing come out to play? I am so ready.

Great trip to the city. I stayed focused. I went back for the 2 pairs of C U T E shoes I left behind after I bought the gold ones. Actually, they're probably something A Musing would wear but I shall silence the inner critic that says, What if ya fall, get bunions, laughed at, etc. and STRUT! So I'll be looking cool from the ankles down and I'm trusting A Musing to come up with some serious creative solutions for the ankles and up. I am following some sewing blogs. I used to sew before quilting took over my life. hmm, I also used to quilt before art quilting and mixed media led me on a parallel path.

I forgot the BOM deadline so I need to get that next block done. I do enjoy making them. I'll be needing a creative setting for that set of blocks as we are approaching finish.

With a clean work surface I shall hug myself and pick up my biggest brush and turn to page 16, Plunge In! I'm using Diana Trout's book, Journal Spilling. It seems okay to spill so what else could I fear? I had also stuck to the list and got the recommended brushes, sorta on sale. 10% doesn't really impress me. I mean it hardly covers the tax! But forget the budget, I need to decide whether to use a journal or the recommended paper.

WIP for Wednesday will see me fiddling with these very cute Drunkard's Path blocks. 3 inches is as small as I'd go because they'd take more pinning in the smaller size and I try not to do pins. Three pins work and the trick is to have the arc on top of the lower corner when sewing. Seriously, not hard. So, that's all my what if's and if I want to actually get to them the dust needs to start flying.

AHHH Chooo!

VBSigh A Musing, that was not amusing.


Createology said...

Love the gold shoes! You certainly get a lot done in just a day. I agree 10% is not much but it covers the darn tax. Happy creating with all your new art supplies.

Unknown said...

You say "not hard" and my brain is swimming... I can't even imagine how to MAKE those little blocks!