Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Processing the WIP

The sunshine room (gold) needs two kid's quilts. The criteria is modern, spring, circular and fairly quick. Inspiration came from Sue*Sewn.

The first palette options. I'm using the area rug in the hall as a colour link to the upstairs rooms.

The Amy Butler Midwest Modern was the starting fabric. I find things change when I get the cut fabric up on my design wall. The bottom right doesn't work. The darker stripe doesn't even get more than one cut. The gold is sewn in but I'll be ripping. There is an orange with small dots I like but it isn't adding to the modern look so I cut the strips in half, they'll finish at 3/4" and add some colour but won't take as much from the look. I have a red/orange that is in need of taming down and a dark orange/brown that gets 1 strips for an accent. I'm deciding whether to piece some of the yw/or/br mottled fabric and try it. The backside works better than the front which has silver dots on it. After cutting, I divide the fabric into 2 piles for the two tops to get even proportions of each fabric.

I have to see things up on the flannel. So I flap up some of the strips. That's where I see those mini dots. :( Amy will need to be spread around, the light orange ??? Whoa on that brown. I need to preplace the lights, brights and the darks.

Then I start to make some units. I pin the more noticeable fabrics all over to remind me to keep an eye on where they are going. I can join the sections with the cut strips in the medium range of colour. I need to tone down the red/orange so I won't put any high contrast light fabric beside them. The top on the left is coming along, ready to sew the loose strips to the sections. The top on the right has one section up and the high impact fabrics loosely in position.

When I get the base done I'll be looking at my options for the circles. I'm considering the colourful stripe on the top of the stack of fabrics for 2-3 inch circles. The next design consideration will be how to attach the circles but until then, I'm stripping! lol


Unknown said...

Gorgeous fabrics... and you're off and stripping! :D

Misty said...

I really like these warm oranges together! I think a design wall is extremely helpful. I finally got mine put up recently and it has made it so much easier to see whether I like certain color combinations or not.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to seeing more of your process.