Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stay tuned for a regularly scheduled announcement!

I just checked my calendar and it is looking like Spring has sprung.
That means I'm going to have a summer to dye for.
I'll finish up this week tieing up a few loose ends in the deco department and I'll review my Focus.
I've dallied inside a bit too long and things outside are needing some serious attention. I can't afford the long hours at the sewing machine so I need to have a whole different set of goals. Renovating my Puttering Shed and painting the Coop are high on the list. So is fabric dyeing, stamping and just plain messing around!
I do find it very helpful to plan my seasonal decor all at one time. I've been fine tuning that a bit this afternoon and I'll be moving thru the rooms again on Fridays in the coming 12-13 weeks. Gee, I hope it doesn't happen as fast as the last 12 weeks.


Twisted Quilts said...

I am working in my yard this afternoon instead of sewing myself. I got a deal on flats of annuals this morning.

Unknown said...

zomg zomg zomg this is gonna be so much fun! :D