Thursday, January 20, 2011

High Five

I am just so impressed that I want to slap high fives on every one's hand!

Five things on the to-do list each day seems to be working for me. My dearie was so right about being realistic on what can actually be accomplished. I luv making lists. Scribbling them off, not so much. :( But who wouldn't be defeated by a list of 27 things! HA! But now I actually feel bad when I don't have any of my five crossed off. LOL


I'm working to hubby's beat and he wanted to start in the basement. We actually placed some insulation behind these metal book cases and I swear it is warmer. He sorted the tool tangle, I grouped the paint and actually made a cover from a thrift shop tablecloth as it is first thing you see coming down the stairs.

Next will be my laundry area but I did get the big messy book case covered. I like things pretty. Atmosphere is everything to me. But hubby's organization skills help us keep things looking good because we find ways to make it the easiest to put things in their place and not leave flat surfaces for collecting 'STUFF'! It is not conducive to playing when the laundry is piled on top of my dry papers!

I am almost set with the trim, sitting, and dining room colours. I have the rough outline for the colour class in place. I'm feeling my way thru zentangles and sketching. I have two old ufo's on the go.

I am also limiting computer time. I'm making my to-do list my nine to five job so I'm off except for breakfast, lunch, coffee time and evenings.


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Brandie said...

I can't believe how easy it is to set stuff on empty flat tops and then get frustrated when you have to move it all to use the space. I'mthe worst offender.