Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're having a party!

My Grand daughter turns one on Sunday and I was sent to get the prezzie. Not a great idea. My going alone I mean. Totally safe to go for the Grand sonny. I'm not into trains, tools, etc. But, oh my! Totally inappropriate. She is only one. So this I maybe bought for me. ??? I spent HOURS playing with my doll house. Have you seen what is now available? Boggles one's mind. I couldn't do big and basic. I resisted tiny and adorable. vbsigh

I got a starter cottage. Family of four and the baby's bottle will not even be noticed as it is swallowed with a cup or plate being the chaser. oh dear! So I knew some would be put away for later. But I couldn't resisted looking, then opening, then assembling, arranging, and flinging myself into Playing! awk! I went hunting for a few more people and another chair or so from some of my own kids play stuff.

Then I just had to see what the itty bitty stuff would look like when it was invited to play. It has been hard to quit but I need to put everything away. I have a 5 item to-do list to get checked off, not to mention the party planning.

There is another party happening as well. 3 Creative Studios is launching their new site with a great party. They have all kinds of good things planned including give aways and challenges. This is a fun bunch and I enjoy joining in with their plans and play days. If I don't get lots of things accomplished in the coming year it won't be for lack of motivation, tips, and tricks on their part.

And speaking of combining work with pleasure... I have a colour class coming up. I have been re-reading Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts from my library of technique books as part of my 2011 goal planning. She recommends making a colour journal and as this is THE Year of the Journal, I picked up another spiral journal which I'll use. But not just swatches and theories. This is gonna be pretty and it isn't just for class but for me! Party time for this chick as I'm waiting for littlest chickie to catch up to her Gram'elle. I wonder what year she needs a little sewing machine. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Just as she needs to let go of our hands and get walking, I need to get walking with all the tools, techniques and tremendous support that is available to me. Time to party!


Createology said...

Elle I just love the playhouse with all the little furniture and people. I so enjoyed my dollhouse when I was little, then I enjoyed my daughter's and then both my granddaughters little toys. Sometimes I think I should borrow a child just so I can get new toys and play. :o)
Your colors are inspiring. What are those water color crayons??? Happy partying...

KatieQ said...

One of the things I miss about teaching nursery school is playing with all of the wonderful toys that are available now. Hopefully, I will have grandchildren and I can play with their toys.

Hope the party was lots of fun!