Friday, January 14, 2011

The Quilting Journey/Journals

3 Creative Studios has issued a Journal Quilt Challenge
Each Friday I am invited to post a page sized quilt. This was quite popular a few years ago.

The local quilt group, Common Threads, is in its second year for page sized quilt challenges and they were our most popular display during our annual quilt show last year. We are wanting to encourage new quilters but also challenge our traditions.

I am happy to do these because I see them as a useful tool/vehicle to grow as an art quilter.
Week one :
This is also a Common Threads challenge to use thread.
Week 2:
Common Threads challenge to use a zipper.
I am now caught up with those challenges so next week is going to be whatever my little heart desires. I had originally thought I'd do place mats but having seen some of the wonderful little quiltlets I must seriously raise the bar with my art quilts. Hmm, maybe a few parameters are indeed a good thing. Perhaps I'll use up my scraps in a creative way. But I definitely want to be posting a journal art quilt every Friday.


Createology said...

Hi Elle: Both of your art quilts are fabulous. I love the threadwork flower on the top photo. On the black and white I love the pop of blue used to make flowers out of zippers. Just FABULOUS!!! Happy quilting...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OH WOW. Inspiration. Just what I need since I'm going to be making some quiltlets for my OWOH giveaway. These are both beautiful and the zippers give me an entirely different idea. Thanks for the inspiration. I definitely need it right now!

Unknown said...

GUH Ele, so beautiful, both of them!

Annie Crow said...

What a great idea! Love the flower quilt at top.