Friday, January 28, 2011

When life gives you scraps...

Very busy week with the kids visiting.

My DD#2 worked on a baby quilt using the Thirties Fabrics that DD#1 collected. It is for a mutual friend so I'm sure it'll all work out. ;^)

Now we have to evaluate to see if it needs a border and what kind.

The next challenge for Common Threads is 'garbage'; anything you would be normally throwing away. Now there is far too much usable fabric to throw away but I do want to be using up scraps and leftovers for these journal quilts so I was evaluating the left over strata from the rail fence blocks.
These are also meant to be somewhat in the manner of art quilts so I did a lot of ripping and rearranging to make something along a bargello effect.
This is Week 4's little journal quilt. I'll have to try again for the garbage theme next week.
Thursday I was at the Bernina Sewing Club. The project was a great tote and then we practiced using a wonderful couching foot. The pot holder at the very beginning of the post was my try. I had seen this foot before and it is not available for my older machines. I REALLY like this foot and I have been evaluating my needs, wants and desires. Should I put all my eggs in one basket and trade in the two old machines for the new machine? I took them in for evaluation and I'm left with my even older Bernina Minimatic to keep up with the art journals. Here's hoping!


Terri Stegmiller said...

I have an older Bernina too and I decided to keep it when I bought a newer one. It's nice to know I have a back up if I need one.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have never had anything but my 1985 Singer I was given two years ago, but I have heard Bernina is a great machine.

I love the scraps art quilt. I immediately thought of the bargello technique when I saw it, even before I read that was your intent. Nice way to use up scraps.