Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Against the wall!

Cleaning has been a bit more thorough as I am on the hunt for a missing toy that has probably rolled off into some corner.

I have the big mirror leaning against the wall ready for rehanging and the second coat has been applied to the 2 little chairs. I did decide to do the horizontal mirror that hangs above the table and it will need another coat.
I will be clearing the various layers from the design wall and setting priorities. First will probably be the WIP so I can show the finish to all the helpful bloggers who added some insight into its finished state. Thanks muchly!
But what is really against the wall is my Altered Book 101. :( It is languishing after having gotten off to a great start. Eggs or Else !!! My dear hubby says that some projects hit a wall and then it requires something extra to tackle it, get it done and on to the next thing. The altered book requires a niche in the back. True it is optional but I decided to do it not realizing it would take me to the wall. LOL But my focus this week is to get it done. Hopefully I can have something to show on Thursday.
And BTW, taking those mirrors down has shown the walls for the condition they are in. Also time to step up the home dec department!

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Createology said...

Hi Elle: I am so glad to be home from a very busy road trip. No time to catch up on blogs but I am inspired to see all you have been doing. On my fourth load of laundry and still unpacking. Whew! Happy February Hugs...