Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A real red letter day!

Well, this is an old free motion embroidered Sun Bonnet Sue that I wanted to show for the red heart day. It is done the new fashioned way on my old 'old fashioned' sewing machine; two threads in one needle and I just followed my penciled line. Totally fun.

I had a 1260 Bernina, a workhorse and excellent for MQing. I'd gotten an used 1630 for fancy stuff. I was happy. I really was. But I'm a machine quilter and all those bed quilts were beginning to affect the body as I held things up to move thru a small throat space. I began to think about that bigger throat space. When the 8 series first came out I thought I don't need all the bells and whistles. But that throat space. ? Anyway, I thought "no way"! A few years later I was at Bernina Club and sat beside a machine with that coveted throat space. ?? No Way! Then a few months ago I saw the Free Motion Couching Foot in action. WHOA! YES! But it isn't available for my older machines. Well it turns out that foot number 43 is very expensive because I began to talk to my dearie about my options. ??? Foot number 43 kept me awake as I thought about parting with my girls; 4 digit numbers and old fashioned, and trading them for some flashy, 3 digit, state of the art computer that happens to sew. It doesn't make coffee but the timer tells you when its ready! vbsigh I'm sure they'll go to lovely homes. Notice poor old Mini down on the floor. She is an old manual Bernina I carry to classes. I didn't mean to just shove her over like that. ;^)

The 820 arrived Friday but I was babysitting the almost 3 year old and I didn't think he was conducive to undivided attention for my intro lesson. lol

Nor did I think the bathroom flooring day was a good day to be AWOL. Old houses are always up for surprises during renovations and this was typical. After a long day we had the water back on, the toilet sitting pretty and the floor wrinkle-free. Only two blue words and maybe the grandson didn't hear them!

But Monday arrived and I spent 3 hours with Elizabeth, my wonderful dealer. I learned it all. At least I thought I did. The thing, oops sorry; Nina is a marvel. But she is a big girl and barely fit in my trunk. I was making 'get away from me motions' to any car that came too close all the way home. I did stop off at my dearie's work to say thank you as he rearranged a whole lot of budget for me to get it this year.
Today I got chores out of the way and rearranged some of the playroom. She is bigger and heavier and my old cabinet won't work which is okay as I now like to sew standing or sitting on a high stool. So I will add some kind of top extension to get her table to flow onto my big craft table after I experiment a bit.
What was perfectly simple at the store turned a little more exciting when I got home. First I had a spool achieve lift off as I wound a bobbin. Operator error! I anticipated some trouble with the new bobbin system but second try WORKED! But threading was surprisingly frustrating. It wouldn't do the automatic needle threading because something was wrong with the pathway. awk! I'm not sure what I finally did but I hope I can repeat it !

The regular foot sewed fine. Odd to not pull ahead and cut the threads but it is now a touch of the button. But I want my 1/4 inch foot so I can finish up my placemats. She sews but something has her knickers in a knot. I have some swearing on the screen. Red swears, not blue ones. lol

I've sent the picture to Elizabeth and she wants a little more detail. Ahem, I hope I can articulate what I've done did.

NOT a lot of achievement. I do have to admit that my old girls would've had the job done long ago, but Nina will settle in and she and I will be best buds in no time at all.

EDITED: Ah, she was saying straight stitch only or the needle will break and you'll be swearing!


Vicki W said...

Oh, I am sure you will be fast friends!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I'm a coward. I felt my heart begin to pound faster and faster as I read..remembering the new machine I opted for some years back (not since) and ended up taking it back to the store feeling like a total failure! I said to myself "I'm just too old a dog to learn new tricks I guess!) I look now, get tempted from time to time..but I just don't think I have the patience to learn one of those beautiful *sigh* new machines.
My confidence is shot! She certainly is lovely though. I will be interested to see how it goes.
I was glad I had hung onto my old machine...and I do mean old.
I really do love her.

Gina said...

Congratulations on bringing home Nina! From here old Mini looks like an original 830. (I still have my 830 from 1977) I bought a new 730 just before they announced the 830/820! :( I often think of that throat space and extra big bobbin. Have fun getting with Nina! (will you tell us how you name your machines?)

Createology said...

It is always a challenge to learn a new machine, however once you get to know Nina you will be amazed at how much more you can do than with the others you own. Congratulations Elle. Happy sewing...

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Nina! Awesome. I just got Pretty Penny lat Summer. The Janome with 11 " harp. GOOD for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How exciting! Good luck learning how Nina works. And your Sunbonnet Sue is really pretty :)