Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nice Nina

I am so glad I quieted my beating heart thru the initial learning curve. Nina is amazing! Way beyond my expectations and much simpler than I expected.

I find the start process a bit awkward still. No lever to raise the foot and you start sewing in what looks like mid air to me, but it works. I am relearning the free motion skills. The stitch regulator is confusing me a bit and I'm hesitating too much trying to anticipate what the sounds are all meaning. I never studied the needle as it hops up and down in the past so I need to quit doing that and focus on the path and the picture in my mind. And I sure have room to do it.
This little baby quilt has been washed and dried, a very necessary step when finishing a quilt in my estimation. A good warm up for my next project. Sorry it is a bit blurry. The sun has sank and the storm, she is rolling in. I won't mind in the least. I'm partying with Nina!


Createology said...

Oh Yeah! I just knew you and Nina would become bff's in no time at all. This baby quilt is gorgeous. Happy sewing...

Annie Crow said...

Oh, what a pretty little quilt. Lucky baby! And I like the one "out of pattern" block you have in the lower corner, that's fun.