Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creativity with Dots and Circles

The dot and circle family have been a fun bunch to party with!

Some shapes are more user friendly than others in terms of drawing but the point is to begin to be aware of subtle differences.  Practicing will make them flow without those jagged edges that hesitation brings.  The key is just to GO for it!

We did some large movements with our finger on a door, then practiced on paper and finally on some fabric.

Somewhere in blogland I read about a magazine journal which is perfect for a young gal so we began to modge podge some pages together placing wax paper between pairs until they dry.

We added some gesso to cover over some of the page and placed the fabric onto the page.  We'll probably add some gel medium to the fabric next week.

We did some stamping on another piece of fabric and 'cleaned' the stamps on some scrap doodle paper.  It will all be useful for the mixed media magazine journal!


Margaret Applin said...

Elle, are you hosting an art journal workshop??? Looks like FUN!!! Did you make the circle template or buy that one? I like it :))))

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Circles do give a page a bit of panache! Isn't panache a great word? I have a friend who is going to be teaching a kids journaling class this summer...I'm going to pass this blog along to her. I like the idea of using a magazine for the base of their journal. Have a great day.

Createology said...

I must say Jen should feel like she won the lottery when you and she got teamed together to get creative. Fabulous circles and dots. Using a magazine is a great idea as there are plenty of those that need up-cycling. Carry on creating dear...