Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where the heck...

 I was all set to show my first lesson in Photo shop Elements but it seems the editing is a small matter compared to finding where I need to find the files I've down loaded and saved.  Somehow I find that excruciatingly confusing. ={  So I was very pleased when I found them to show you but it sees that was only step one of about four. I stopped too soon!  lol  So maybe tomorrow I'll have some show and tell. 

So here is Creativity 101.  I was not quite as prepared for Jenn as usual so we covered her magazine journal with Mulberry paper and made various pages to tip in.

This is a sheet of cheap tissue paper with gel medium used to attach it to a previous paper with doodles.

She likes the painting with acrylics but really lit up with splattering and then dripping!

She likes hearts and  and we are still stuck on dots and circles.

Acrylic paint on the back of the doodle page and then I laid the fabric we had stamped on over the wet and some transferred to the fabric.  We used pink and then purple.   We felt it was successful.

Now we have a light denim shirt for a cover-up for Jen.  She is much too neat so we just added some of our own art.  We'll continue to do this and see how it all turns out.  Perhaps it can be her graduation present!
Now where the heck did I file the coat hanger?


Createology said...

What the heck is exactly how I feel when Mr. C says "file it in the public folder" on the computer. That is just not a simple proceedure!
Looks like Jen had fun with the Art101 class today. Love the embellished cover-up shirt.
Happy Photoshopping...

Margaret Applin said...

HAHAHAHA sounds like a great class!!! And very nice pages too!

SandeeNC said...

Well who doesn't light up when they get to drip and splatter paint, it's pure fun!! Love that she is so neat you have resorted to painting her work shirt, that's cute! Good luck on finding those files ;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It might take awhile to find those files. I had to come up with a system and it changed when I got a new computer. Now I'm straight again.

That shirt is going to be the perfect graduation gift. By the time she graduates, it will be so different no one will remember what it originally looked like (grin).

Mrs.Pickles said...

sounds like you two had a lot of fun!